24 January, 2018

Moral AIDS

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“There are types of behavior that we abhor instinctively: types of behavior that nearly everyone abhors in a natural environment and which at some level those who have good instincts — or one might say, good character — continue to abhor even in an unnatural environment where natural reactions to abhorrent behavior are repressed. Homosexuality is one type of naturally abhorrent behavior. Racial mixing is another. These are not matters of fashion. Men who behave like women always have been despised. Women who mate outside their race always have been despised. Men who do not find such behavior abhorrent aren’t simply responding to changes in fashion; they are revealing flaws in their character. A community or a society which proclaims such behavior acceptable is a weak and morally flawed community, a weak and degenerate society.”


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