12 January, 2018

South Carolina: White People Are Carrying Water for the Jews, Again

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The governor says: “Antisemitism has no place in South Carolina.” So much for free speech! Anyway, that’s total baloney. “Antisemitism” is normal and healthy, and it belongs anywhere where good people care about racism, and Judaism is racism, and Israel is a racist state full of dangerous, paranoid bigots, a state funded by your White tax dollars and a state armed with lots of nuclear weapons (weapons that are not inspected by nuclear watchdog groups, so they may be unsafe). Furthermore, it’s a reasonably safe bet that Israel will eventually start WWIII, probably by nuking Iran.


  • 3 Responses to “South Carolina: White People Are Carrying Water for the Jews, Again”

    1. jayhackworth Says:

      You have to be very very careful about speaking truth now… Allowing the jew media’s narrative of reality to stand unopposed means the conclusion is unavoidable.

    2. steve Says:

      The Evangelical movement needs to be erased. They’re defective. Anyone who thinks that jews are the chosen ones has to be defective. They worship the ground jews walk on. The merger between the Republican party and the evangelical movement was one of the worst things that’s ever happened to this country. This madness has to end in order for America to progress.

    3. George Rudman Says:

      If you are not anti semitic & not blind & not a jew then your stupid.