8 January, 2018

Well, Well. What an About-Face for Commiefornia, Land of Federal-Lovers

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If you’re a California leftist, you love federal power. You believe that the federal government should control everything, yes, everything, from healthcare to food prices to wages to how many dogs someone can own. After all, only the federal government has the power to make every human in America “equal” to the next human. So, it’s funny that Commiefornia is now invoking “states’ rights” on many issues, i.e., is now taking the conservative position.


  • 7 Responses to “Well, Well. What an About-Face for Commiefornia, Land of Federal-Lovers”

    1. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I privately predicted that with the election of Trump the left would suddenly become champions of states rights and strict separation of powers whereas invoking states rights under Obongo was “clinging to relics of America’s racist past” and other such bilge the left conjures up to demonize their political enemies.

      Just wait, when SCOTUS starts ruling against the left then they’ll be loudly bemoaning judicial activism that they’ve been using to destroy the rule of law and the Constitutional restraints on government power.

    2. fd Says:

      Liberal, conservative, democrat, republican. A scribbled page that highlights schizophrenia.

      If insurrection breaks out in California, I’m behind it 100%. Hopefully it will cause a domino effect. Anything that threatens Federal tyranny is good.

    3. steve Says:

      Hollywood Jew Weinstein gets smacked at Scottsdale restaurant:)


    4. jayhackworth Says:

      Forget about defending borders,.. “patriotism” is only in vogue while fighting wars for the jew.

    5. Kurt Frohling Says:

      I’ve lived my whole life in Northern California (Butte County). Over the past forty years I’ve watched my once beautiful land rot away from the inside out, like a bad walnut.

      The (((people))) overseeing California’s demise aren’t going to stop until this place makes Haiti look like a really nice place to live.

      And remember, this isn’t just about California. It’s going to get a lot worse everywhere before it gets any better anywhere. California is just a canary in the coal mine.

    6. Beckendorff Says:

      Sad thing is, most of California, county by county, is majority Republican. Because California has so many huge urban centers, the state is crammed full of urban-dwelling non-Whites, and Leftist enemies of our Republic. Take a look at the red-blue demographic for the TRUMP election: Lots of red showing in states TRUMP lost: Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota etc etc. We should elect our presidents by county!

    7. The Red Skull Says:

      California’s on its way to THIRD WORLD SHITHOLE STATUS.
      Used to be a beautiful state close to paradise in some places.