15 February, 2018

Illusion and Leverage

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The same trick is used in other ways. If NASA has a public announcement to make about one of its scientific space probes, the chances are pretty good there will be a Black chosen to stand in front of the television cameras, make the announcement, and explain to us the science involved — unless, of course, there has been a screwup and the space probe failed to do what it was supposed to do. Then it’s OK to have a White spokesman. Or if the National Institutes of Health or the Food and Drug Administration has something important to tell us, a Black in a white lab coat will be trotted out for the cameras. The idea is to create the illusion that technology and science and progress and intelligence are associated somehow with Blacks — or at least, that Blacks are just as good at that sort of thing as we are.”


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