22 February, 2018

Rape: What is Wrong With Modern Women?, or, the Wages of Feminism

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Note the word “modern” in the title; this problem was uncommon in 1955.

I have read, or heard of, numerous true accounts of rape. I would call half of those rape accounts “ridiculous.”

A rape commonly unfolds like this: A young woman moves to a big city (problem #1) in order to attend college or start a career (problem #2). Then, one night, she’s invited by her slutty best friend (they always have a slutty best friend) to go to a popular bar and she accepts the invitation (problem #3). There, she gets drunk and becomes overly-friendly toward strange men (problem #4). Then she allows a total stranger to take her home from the bar (“he seemed so nice!”), or, she willingly goes with a total stranger to his apartment/house (“but he seemed so nice!”) (problem #5). After the rape, the woman feels super-duper-guilty because she thinks that the rape was somehow “her fault,” so now she needs years of counseling and she no longer trusts men and therefore she won’t ever marry (problems #6 and #7).

(Women, don’t go to bars or go with strange men while drunk).

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  7. One Response to “Rape: What is Wrong With Modern Women?, or, the Wages of Feminism”

    1. Joe Says:

      problem #8 – Jewesses such as Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem infected the minds of women decades ago telling them how awful, demeaning and unfulfilling motherhood and homemaking is. Remove the cancer and the body will heal naturally.

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