9 February, 2018

The End of Labor Unions? Let Us Hope So

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(Above: the tiny labor union bigshot David Dubinsky shakes hands with President Kennedy. Like other Jewish radicals of his time, Dubinsky fled Europe and came to America, a “safe haven for the Jews” — lucky us!)

Labor unions have caused more damage to America than you ever thought possible. Not only were unions used for political purposes to keep the liberals in power, but entire sections of America’s economy went bankrupt thanks to the unions (e.g., the automobile industry). You’ve heard of America’s “Rust Belt”? How do you think it became the Rust Belt? [1]. That’s right: unions, or, as I sometimes call them, Jewnions, due to the amazing number of Jews found in the top ranks of organized labor.


[1] “The Rust Belt is a region of the United States, made up mostly of places in the Midwest and Great Lakes. Rust refers to the deindustrialization, or economic decline, population loss, and urban decay due to the shrinking of its once-powerful industrial sector” — Wikipedia

  • 6 Responses to “The End of Labor Unions? Let Us Hope So”

    1. archer Says:

      So called “free trade” deals destroyed manufacturing here not unions, that’s utter bullshit. You would have to work for .50 cents an hour to compete with many of our trading partners, like China, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Mexico, etc. It’s all about corporate greed, that’s one of the things driving the stock market bubble, corporate profits because they are paying almost nothing for labor.

    2. fd Says:

      I thought the Rust Belt was Washington D.C. Shut that outfit down.

    3. Biff Says:

      Unions aren’t the problem, unskilled labor being organized is. Collective bargaining and safe working conditions are necessary for the working man. If the union provides trained journeymen, while giving them working wages and hours, we all win. But when low skilled workers.. think SEIU, are used as an income source for Democratic coffers then we have a problem. Third world workers living on low wages have no place in the US, union or not. Carpenters contribute, maids and housekeepers from third world backgrounds are merely tools of leftist oppression

    4. fd Says:

      The villains are the money powers who run the American corporations. They pay the miserable workers in foreign countries less than half what the American worker would earn.

      The trade unions came about naturally. Northern workers in the 19th century were treated terrible. Northern peace democrats called them ‘slaves without masters’.

      The White Pipeline: In the 2d half of the 1970s, workers at manufacturing facilities in Upstate New York and Michigan lost their jobs. The White pipeline was put in service. Telephone calls and letters from Louisiana and Texas told the Northern boys to come on down. There was a surplus of work related to the oil industry. They came down in large numbers — in a hurry. The money was right. Everybody was happy. A phenomena made possible by a racist, heavy, White Boomer population. The hated generation that stuck together.

    5. jayhackworth Says:

      Quality stirring factual writing thanks

    6. jayhackworth Says:

      “the money powers” presenting the misleading middle scheme treating the jew with respect. Fd