27 March, 2018

Linda Brown, the Negro Woman in Landmark 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Case, Dies

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(Above: Jack Greenberg, the Jewish lawyer who steered the “Brown” legal case through the courts)

The Brown v. Board of Education case was a Jewish production, from start to finish. Esther Swirk Brown (a Jew, and no relation to Linda Brown) instigated the lawsuit. Another Jew, NAACP attorney Jack Greenberg, fought the case through the courts (and eventually won). Numerous Jewish “experts” (e.g., the Boasian kike Otto Klineberg) argued in favor of opening the White public schools to negroes. The case should have been called “Jews v. Board of Education.”


  • 5 Responses to “Linda Brown, the Negro Woman in Landmark 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Case, Dies”

    1. jayhackworth Says:

      Doubtless a marriage between jew money/media and the civil rights bs; even as jews kick Africans out of Israel.

    2. Stan Sikorski Says:

      A White Pill for the day.

    3. fd Says:

      With a slim chance of victory against Jim Crow laws in southern courtrooms, Topeka, Kansas was an easy mark.

      Pretending to be curious on-lookers, the Federals left it to private litigations to achieve desegregation in Brown VS Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas.

      A clear case of Federal tyranny that denies the states to manage public education. Compulsory education originated in New England. The Federal 14th amendment police state citizen marches the lockstep.

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      A Fucking Bunch of Kikes Behind IT Again??!-

      Oy Vey!!
      When will it Ever end ??

      Look under the Rotting Log in Society
      And there you Find
      Shrinking from the Light
      A KIKE!!!


    5. D Says:

      Naturally, ((( The Media ))) reporting on it, is 100% slanted pro-nigger,pro-jew, anti-White….