25 March, 2018

Talking with the Ghost of Thomas Jefferson

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Me: “Hi, Mr. Jefferson. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

Jefferson: “Don’t ‘Hi, Mr. Jefferson’ me, little man. What the hell have you done to my country???”

Me: “Well…”

Jefferson: “Blacks and Jews running the government?? The Bill of Rights in tatters?? Police and judges with more powers than God himself?? The army fighting wars all over the world?? Are you insane or simply retarded??”

Me: “Well, those weren’t my ideas…”

Jefferson: “I don’t care whose ideas they were! America is ruined! Ruined!! And for the record, little man, the Bill of Rights only applies to White people. I should know. My great friend and fellow Virginian, James Madison, wrote it that way! He didn’t give ‘rights’ to negroes.” [1].

Me: “Well, what can we do to fix America, Tom?”

Jefferson: “Fix it??? That’s rich! (laughs). Well, you certainly aren’t going to vote yourselves out of this mess! What option does that leave you with? Think long and hard about that, little man.”

[1] Madison, like Jefferson, owned negro slaves, therefore he did not believe in human equality, and he developed the “three-fifths compromise” in the Constitution, making “3 out of every 5 slaves a person” for legislative representation purposes

  • 22 Responses to “Talking with the Ghost of Thomas Jefferson”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Thomas Jefferson wanted to give freedom to the niggers.
      He seriously Fucked Up when he didnt put the word “White”
      In the sentence ” all men are created equal “.
      Should read ” all White men are created equal ”
      He didnt put that because they didnt consider
      Negroes to be “men” and they assumed Whites
      Would understand that they meant “all White men”
      Because who composed their society and were the
      Leading and ranking persons. When the Declaration
      Of Independence was written nobody was thinking
      Of Niggers and how we can include them in our society.

    2. fd Says:

      “all men are created equal” is a corruption of the Virginia Declaration of Rights: “That all men are by nature equally free and independent and have certain inherent rights . . .” Equally free doesn’t mean created equal. The scientist and the retarded person are not equal.

      The megalomaniac politicians of that time trashed the Articles of Confederation in favor of Federal supremacy / Federal Constitution. The ruination of statehood. The first President was John Hanson. A virulent ant- federalist under the Articles of Confederation.

    3. jayhackworth Says:

      Too few White Americans wish to hear or know the truth.

    4. jayhackworth Says:

      And “Fd” as usual seems confusing.

    5. fd Says:

      Everything I said is a fact. In 1787 anti-federalist Patrick Henry called the Constitution a “crazy magazine.” He said the states were in perfect security under the Articles of Confederation (sovereign states).

      Equally free — no problem. Created equal — no such thing.

    6. jayhackworth Says:

      I don’t look upon Washington as a “megalomaniac”.

    7. jayhackworth Says:

      Some saw the big picture; they wanted to gain the entire continent for their posterity. …only possible thru strong unified effort. Others, like “fd” still don’t
      even as the nation retracts.

    8. fd Says:

      jayhackworth, the British were defeated while the Articles of Confederation was in service. Under the Articles, the states retained their sovereignty. Some people prefer confederated states to avoid central despotism. The so-called Federal Union is not voluntary. It’s a forced alliance. Obviously you prefer Central Despotism. You’re a 24 carat Yankee Lincoln marching unionist. To each his own.

      No disrespect to the many great people of the Northern Section.

    9. fd Says:

      Posterity? Federal tyranny “aint” much of a birthright.

    10. Tomas Says:

      fd is right. The Constitutional Convention was a repudiation of the American Revolution. Patrick Henry knew this and would not sign. He predicted correctly the gradual increase in federal power and the the destruction of liberty that would ensue. A much better system of government would of been the Articles of Confederation and the banishment of all Jews like Alexander Hamilton from public office.

    11. jayhackworth Says:

      No, would’ve been an east coast “confederation” of politically bickering “states” while other nations carved up the West. But yeah maybe your correct with your short sighted vision , because the west is lost anyway.

    12. jayhackworth Says:

      Northwest Terrority , general relinquishment of states under the Constitution to allow the nation to expand westward the issue is at rest or was , keep harping about the past.

    13. jayhackworth Says:

      and “fd: considers Washington a “megalomaniac”.

    14. jayhackworth Says:

      fd wants white stagnation and extinction obviously

    15. jayhackworth Says:

      Because what the USA is “was” would never have occurred w/o strong unified central government. “fd” hates this fact,
      hate that whites aquired the continent. Enough said. fu I’m done.

    16. fd Says:

      jayhackworth, thanks for the diatribe. Washington is Little Israel on the Potomac. The Federalists deigned a government that the Patriots fought to overthrow. Traded monarchial tyranny for federal tyranny.

      We’re going to take the upward path while you stay mired in consolidated despotism.

    17. Tomas Says:

      Decentralization is generally preferred to concentrated power. Unless of course there is a communist insurgency to deal with. Then some organization is necessary for defense.

    18. The Red Skull Says:

      The Red Skull says
      Everyone Unite First For The BATTLE!!

      We can argue about sectionalism vs federalists
      Christians vs Pagans
      If WE Survive as a People! !
      One things for Damn Sure
      That i think we can all agree is
      We need to print Our Own Money!$!$!

      Backed by something? ?!?
      Not Run by Uncle Hiemies. Central Bank!!

    19. The Red Skull Says:

      In Agreement with Tomas
      The Federal ZOG Tyranny
      Can really probably only be
      Checked by De- Centralization of some sort.

      Lets all take a closer look At

      The Articles of Confederation

      How They or Something like Them might
      Work for Our People
      After this FedZog Dragon has been slayed upon
      Its own Poison Sword.

      Not many Americans Realize
      ( of course they dont teach History for a reason)

      That All the States and even Private banks printed
      Their Own Money
      Prior to The War of Northern Yankee Bank Aggression.

    20. jayhackworth Says:

      fd- It’s a pity I know so little about such things, genius.

    21. jayhackworth Says:

      Fd . Ice is cold, genius.

    22. D Says:

      Great,but too short! Try to expand on it!