31 March, 2018

What is Cultural Marxism? What Are the Roots of Cultural Marxism?

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Jewish writer Paul Gottfried wrote: “Feminism, LGBT advocacy, anti-anti-Semitism and antiracism have no intrinsic connection to Marxism”

I reject that idea completely. Cultural Marxism (Marxism applied to culture rather than to economics in order to create “equality” [in other words, in order to nation-wreck] since regular Marxism failed to take root [i.e., failed to nation-wreck] as planned) came from The Frankfurt School and it’s an offshoot (a sub-ideology) of Critical Theory. The Frankfurt School teachers, who invented Cultural Marxism, were all Jewish Marxists. More than that, today’s Marxists are, to a man, anti-racist, pro-queer and pro-feminist. What more evidence do you need that modern leftism is really Cultural Marxism (with the exception of environmentalism, which is Green Marxism)? If Gottfried is “worried” about neoconservatism in the mainstream conservative movement, that’s fine, but let’s not deny Cultural Marxism’s existence or its roots just because it’s Jewish. In some ways, Cultural Marxism is even more dangerous than regular Marxism, since it has been, and still is, used by everyone, even by people who don’t know that they’re using it (e.g., a priest or a conservative activist). Cultural Marxism is like sunlight. It’s everywhere. You can’t escape it. Even 7-year-olds use it (albeit unknowingly).


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