8 April, 2018

An Open Letter to an Associate Professor in Canada

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Associate Professor of The Classics, Matthew Sears
The University of New Brunswick, Canada
[email protected]

Re: your recent newspaper article about Aristotle and “scientific racism” titled “Aristotle, Father of Scientific Racism”:

Mr. Sears: I realize that Canada is now a left-wing country full of Soviet-style Political Correctness. But nonetheless, you, of all people, should be able to see the giant elephant in the room, but for some reason you either can’t or won’t. Let me help you: Western Culture is White and only White. Unfortunately, there are Blacks in Kansas and Iowa today because our Founding Fathers stupidly brought Black slaves to America (but only after buying those slaves from Black tribal chiefs in Africa).

“White racism” and “scientific racism” are silly and moot terms; you might as well say “cold ice cream” or “wet rain”; why even bother saying them? Of course Whites are racist against Blacks and Browns (i.e., unsuccessful and often violent people). What’s your point anyway? Whites gave the world to mankind and we’re very proud of that. We don’t want Blacks and Browns in our nice, safe (until recently) White republic — why would we?

Blacks and Browns should thank us every day for their cars, computers, telephones, electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, TV sets, democracy, etc., but of course they don’t. Jealousy breeds contempt and hatred.

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    1. Kurt Frohling Says:

      Racism is realism. Tribal warfare is the default setting. If you have any doubts, remember that it isn’t what you think – it is what (((they))) think that sets the stage for the next thousand years.