19 April, 2018

When Leftist White People Love Jews

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“In the end, Sartre regarded himself, with no little justification, if not as a Jew then as a Judaicist.” John Gerassi, a friend and contemporary of Sartre’s, recalled that at the end of his life the philosopher was “searching for his ‘Jewish roots.’”

How sick: a White man rejecting his own culture and trying to become a Jew. Granted, leftists are idiots (but, that says a lot about the power, the image and the influence that Jews have).


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  7. One Response to “When Leftist White People Love Jews”

    1. georgejacques Says:

      Meantime jews, as always , advocate a double standard. Their controlled media criticizes white nationalism as a white supremacist ideology, while promoting jew nationalism. Palestinians routinely describe the Zionist regime in Israel Palestine as Jewish supremacy; and there is plenty of evidence to support the victims’ view of the matter.

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