16 April, 2018

White People and Animal Welfare

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White people are the only people who care about animal welfare. Blacks and Browns couldn’t give a shit about animals. Asians eat cats and dogs and keep them under horrible conditions beforehand. Muslims hate dogs and won’t own them (they’re “dirty”), and Mexicans abuse animals terribly. President Theodore Roosevelt established the first wildlife refuge in Florida in 1903, and White men (Hollywood actor William Holden and several others) single-handedly started the animal conservation movement in Africa by founding an animal conservation organization in Kenya in the mid-1950s. Their efforts birthed the modern animal conservation movement.

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    1. Stronza Says:

      Daphne Sheldrick died recently:


      “With their mothers shot by poachers for ivory, or dying due to frequent droughts, or human-wildlife conflict, scores of baby elephants found their way into Sheldrick’s care.


      However, it took her 28 years to discover the magic milk formula that would keep alive the baby elephants, who cannot survive without it under the age of two.”

      Only a white person would spend 28 years working on a formula to keep baby elephants alive. I saw a docu about her orphaned elephant center in Africa. The blacks who did most of the hands-on care of the animals were directed by her.

      Sheldrick was born in Kenya in 1934, and spent nearly 30 years working with her husband David, who founded Kenya’s biggest National Park, Tsavo East.

    2. J├╝rgen Says:


      And no White society ever treated animals better than the Third Reich.
      They didn’t even want you to smoke a pipe around an animal.

    3. Pierre Says:

      The animal condition is the shadow of the human saga.

    4. BroncoColorado Says:

      These conservationist and wild life protectors are worthy of our admiration BUT what is the most endangered species on the planet?….the White race. Of course protecting and helping their own volk is something that the conservo brigade wouldn’t even consider! Again a case of mis-placed altruism sadly so prominent in our people.

    5. fd Says:

      White people have a long history of caring for animals. I have witnessed cruelty to animals by non-Whites.

      I don’t care for naturalists (the renegade type) that go to the wilderness and tag animals with big collars and software detection to monitor their every move. The animal is not free. They do it offshore too. These people justify the surveillance by insisting it’s necessary to learn more about the animal. The most secretive cat family is tracked to its resting place in the wilderness. Kept out of view is the number of wildlife deaths and harm caused by intrusive collars and injected software.

      People in everyday society are conditioned to be heavily monitored without commentary or consequence.

    6. Stronza Says:

      @fd. Glad you brought that topic up. It’s just a matter of time before we humans are all “chipped”. I hope I am wrong, though.