14 April, 2018

Yep, Even Donald Trump Serves the Jews

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Here we go again! Donald Trump has now attacked Syria twice for Israel’s benefit: once in April 2017 and again last night. When will he stop serving the Jews and start serving us, the White citizens?

This endless-wars-for-the-Jews trend is so old now — indeed, America fought the 2003 Iraq War for Israel’s benefit; some U.S. officials have even admitted that fact in print! [1]. When will we stop attacking other nations for Big Jew?

Furthermore, Russia is super-pissed-off about America’s latest Syria attack (Russia has financial and military interests in Syria) [2]. How exactly will Russia react? Time will tell, but hopefully, our attack won’t spark World War III. But next time? It just might.

We elected Donald Trump to keep America out of unnecessary wars and conflicts. But even he serves the Jews, as he just proved by stupidly launching missiles at Syria. Only one nation benefited from the attack on Syria: Israel. (Historically speaking, it is unprecedented for Country X to repeatedly attack other countries for Country Y’s benefit while going against its own interests by doing so).


[1] “Secondly, those who favour this attack (on Iraq) now will tell you candidly, and privately, that it is probably true that Saddam Hussein is no threat to the United States. But they are afraid at some point he might decide if he had a nuclear weapon to use it against Israel.” — U.S. General and former NATO commander Wesley Clark, in a news article titled “US Assumes UK Help in Iraq, Says General,” The Guardian newspaper, 20 August 2002

[2] Russia has a naval base in Tartus, Syria

  • 8 Responses to “Yep, Even Donald Trump Serves the Jews”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:


    2. Stan Sikorski Says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Jurgen. I had held out a small amount of hope that Trump was just toying with the kikes but after last night he proved that I was being a fool for doing so. Unless his grand plan is over-expose the kike’s and their puppet’s machinations to the world to the point that we all break and call for Isntreal’s destruction and a rounding up of nation-wreckers everywhere, so much so that world governments and militaries have no other choice but to do so, I only see him as another ZOG puppet and suckpoop of the jews.

    3. Anthony Scarimucci Says:

      Trump is an illuminati puppet, all politicians are. They are the mask for a sick Jewish kabal

    4. fd Says:

      To vote is to internalize the enemy. Once you do that, it’s over.

      The Alt-right and Daily Stormer were a fraud. I believed they were stage managed by a portion of the republican party. The instant Trump won first chair in Washington, their job was complete and they faded into irrelevance.

    5. georgejacques Says:

      daily stormer is alive, “fd” seems to make u bitter

    6. fd Says:

      The Daily Stormer constantly referred to Trump as Glorious One and compared him to A.H.

      Not bitter at all. They’re status quo Republicans. The two party swindle. They have internalized the enemy. More power to them.

    7. Stan Burns Says:

      It’s my understanding that ZOG gassed the women and children at Waco with a chemical that is illegal to use in warfare. Russia should have bombed the District of Corruption (if it’s fine for a country to act as the world’s policeman).

      What country in the mid-east actually committed an act of war against the USA?

      When the Israeli bombers and torpedo-planes were sent to attack and destroy the ship, the Jewish commander, seeing that it was an American vessel, had misgivings and reported to the High Command, which simply repeated the orders to attack and sink the Liberty.

      I have a graphic from … the oldest daily newspaper of Israel, … Haaretz…. The headline reads, “But, sir, it’s an American ship.” “Never mind. Hit her.”

      Why didn’t the USA declare war on that country?


    8. The Red Skull Says:

      Trump probably is under command of the Zionist Entity. Many of us R so desperate
      For a leader that Trump appeared to fit the Bill . Until Wall Street and The Fed Reserve
      are Ended Somehow White America has little chance now . The Entire “education
      System ” is busy and has been for 60 years or more churning out Brainwashed
      Braindead committed Leftists who Mao like parrot the Dem Party Line. And they
      even go into multi year inescapable Debt too! Them or mommy and daddy who
      Paid for their Marxist indoctrinating.

      Amerikwa as a White Nation is Finished. No Jews or Liberals in The New
      White Nation State ———Whatever it is .

      As those 3 groups in particular Poison whatever White Society they are allowed in.