17 May, 2018

History: The Spanish Civil War of the 1930s: Just Like Today, The Usual Masters of Propaganda Were at Work

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(Above: the world-famous photo of a communist soldier supposedly being shot by one of General Franco’s snipers during the Spanish Civil War. But it’s a fake photo. “Staging photos was a common occurrence during the Spanish Civil War…” — Wikipedia)

In the 1930s, two Jews invented a famous photographer named “Robert Capa.” And “Capa” was then proclaimed to be a super-great photographer for “his” war propaganda photos (mostly that photo above). Well, that just figures, because the Jews are always inventing things that don’t really exist, e.g., “civil rights,” “hate crimes,” “transgender people,” “the Holocaust,” etc. I knew that that famous photo was a fake from the moment that I saw it. How? Because when a person is shot in the front of his body (as he allegedly was), he folds inward and falls forward. He doesn’t fly backwards with his arms thrown outwards – that’s Hollywood stuff. Typical Jewish political propaganda of the type that we’ve seen for at least a century, e.g., WWI, WWII, Korea, Iraq. By the way, the Spanish Civil War was managed mostly by Jews, many of them from the Soviet Union, just like so many other communist movements. The Jews tried to communize Spain but, thankfully, they didn’t succeed and General Franco triumphed over them. The “dead” soldier in the photo above probably moved to Madrid after the war and opened up a Karl Marx souvenir shop. (Also, if you’re trying to turn Spain into a Soviet-controlled state, like they were, you aren’t a “republican” in any way; who invented that phony term “republicans” to describe the Spanish Marxists? They didn’t want republican-style government! They wanted communism! The correct term for the “republicans” was “rojos” [reds]).

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    1. jayhackworthu Says:

      20 years later the very same “refugee”maggots put Castro into power with American j
      Kosher support.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      The Reds in Spain killed priests with torture first and raped nuns and defiled
      Every church they came across. The fact that enough Americans volunteered
      To form the Lincoln Brigade shows how effective Jew anti facist propaganda
      was. Gullible Americans fighting on the wrong side —-AGAIN! !

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Which goes to show that most white people are indeed goyim, dumb cattle.

      It is sad, but true.