24 June, 2018

Feminism: It’s Not Legitimate, It’s Destructive, Yet It’s Found in All Parts of American Life

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Feminism is a destructive movement based upon lies. Yet, most women today could be classified as “feminists” for one reason or another. As an example, many women spend much of their time working outside of the home and they firmly believe in such work, even if their daily absence from the home is harmful to their families. In other words, their work comes first and their families come second. (In fact, I recall a “conservative” female CEO saying in an interview a few years ago that [paraphrasing] “when I have extra time, I spend it with my family”). That’s really shocking. (When a young mother works outside of the home, the natural bonding that occurs between mother and child is never really completed — it’s no wonder America has so many serial killers, sadists and creeps).

Here are some of the lies that feminists spout:

“Women don’t need men.”

“Men are bullies who abuse women.”

“There are no differences between men and women except in their sex organs.”

“Masculinity equals/leads to violence.”

“Motherhood is oppressive. Women shouldn’t have kids.”[1]

“Men have all the power, so we are forced to be feminists.”[2]

All of those statements above are untrue. Feminism is a pile of dung invented by Jews and leftists with no facts to support it. Under feminism, women went from being “oppressed” to being the oppressors: feminism is an aggressive, intolerant, anti-male, anti-family movement. Feminism pretends that there are no real differences between men and women, which is, biologically speaking, baloney. For example, a man’s brain is “wired” differently than a woman’s. Feminism denies that Western culture is, by default, White and male. Feminism treats men as, to quote one article about feminism, “obstacles to be overcome.” That’s just plain wrong. Many feminists come from broken, loveless, single-parent households. They didn’t have loving fathers, so they hate men. They’re angry and bitter. Also, many feminists are lesbians who ridicule the idea of “the traditional family.” And feminists are shockingly ignorant of Western history, Western culture and biology. Ask them a question such as “which Constitutional amendment gave women the right to vote” (answer: the 19th, after it was previously rejected by Congress), and you’ll be greeted with a blank stare, followed by lots of nervous sputtering as the feminist desperately tries to change the subject because she knows nothing about it [3][4]. Feminists only know what other feminists have told them.

[1] The truth is, most women want to have kids, feminist dogma be damned; it’s natural for a woman to want children of her own

[2] politically speaking, women have more power than men today, since they make up the majority of all voters in America (55%). They can outvote men

[3] see the newspaper article “The 19th Amendment That Gave Women the Right to Vote, 90 Years On” by Richard Adams, in The Guardian, August 18, 2010

[4] the idea of giving women the right to vote was proposed in Congress by Sen. Arlen Sargent in 1878 but was rejected by Congress for 41 years

  • 6 Responses to “Feminism: It’s Not Legitimate, It’s Destructive, Yet It’s Found in All Parts of American Life”

    1. fd Says:

      Feminism originated in 19th century New England by Anglo-Saxon, Celtic females.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      As above, so below. As outside, so inside.

      These people just look like freaks.

      They are even more screwed-up inside.

      If you could find the women who have “left” feminism, they would be the most normal and attractive of the lot.

    3. fd Says:

      “These people just look like freaks.” This is true. You can see the anger and stress in the feminist. They’re sick because they wage war on nature.

      In healthier times, villages had midwives that helped with child birth, homeopathy, counselled families with mental stress, etc. They earned the reputation sage–femme. Hard workers who improved their communities.

      Sage–Femme is the exact opposite of the contemporary feminist.

    4. Artie Says:

      Human female’s brain on average is 12% smaller than that of Northern European male.
      Just two questions. No answer is requested, because it is, like obvious.
      1) Was the kitchen the primary workplace for a woman during thousands of years?
      2) How many kitchen appliances were invented by women?

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      I Love Our women folk
      When they’re not being bitches
      Giving them the right to vote was
      A Giant Mistake !

      They usually vote leftist out of sympathy or emotional
      Feelings they have been told by someone in the

      In group Loyalties are much lower in women.

      I Respect our women folk if they are deserving of it
      But every great nation or Empire in the past didnt give
      Them political power for a damn good reason.

      Property or estate rights in some but no great political power.

      I make exception for rare birds like Queen Elizabeth and
      Catherine the Great. And a handful of others.

    6. Thom McQueen Says:

      What about that Belgian sheela who just posed nude on the Wailing Wall?