25 June, 2018

Krauthammer-Worship, or, All of the Media Icons Are Jews

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Whether they’re on the Left or on the Right, all of the “media gods” in America are Jews. Charles Krauthammer, William Safire, Ted Koppel, Wolf Blitzer, Mike Wallace, Robert Novak, Barbara Walters, Carl Bernstein, etc. [1]. It’s just like living in Israel!

[Article], [Article] and [Article].

[1] Novak converted to Catholicism — a rare thing for a Jew

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  7. 3 Responses to “Krauthammer-Worship, or, All of the Media Icons Are Jews”

    1. Thom McQueen Says:

      Krauthammer would have made a bonza (very good) gay frankenstein. He just looks like a bum-driller frankenstien.

    2. Stan Burns Says:

      Just as the Jews inflicted Marxism on Russia, the Jews are inflicting Cultural Marxism on America and Europe.

    3. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Krauthammer was everybody’s type of cohenservative approved by the rabbis. He never said anything that wasn’t approved with a circle K. In the article, it said that he was a quadriplegic, in other places I have heard that he was a paraplegic. In another article, I will probably read that he just liked sitting down a lot. Nothing like consistency in articles.

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