17 June, 2018

“Populist-Socialism: The Economy of the White Ethno-State”

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Capitalism only works when everyone is a “traditional White male.” Add Jews, Asians, greedy/immoral Whites, leftists, feminists and “free trade” to the mix and the whole game is ruined.

“Right-Wing populism is gaining traction in America and the rest of the West. The sentiment that many Whites in the West feel correctly affirms that their countries have been sold out to international banking, globalism, and the ethnic and gender activists operating under the banner of cultural Marxism. The central tenet of Populism is the empowerment of the working and middle classes. The appropriate response of the West is economic nationalism (where the West itself is seen as a nation), ending immigration from non-Western countries and beginning the process of repatriation, and the establishment of a centralized financial system dedicated to economic nationalism.”


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