21 June, 2018

The New World Order

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“And of course, “a new internationalism” is simply his way of saying “a New World Order.” And that really is a radical departure from the past, when America and Britain went to war to defend what they considered their national interests, not to impose “a new internationalism” on some other country which just wanted to be left alone. It’s good for America’s soldiers to understand that the reason they’re deliberately bombing civilian targets in Belgrade, shooting up passenger trains, and so on — and occasionally even risking their own lives — is to impose “a new internationalism” on the Serbs. To people like Estrich and Blair and Clinton, having armed forces for the purpose of national defense is old fashioned, an outmoded, 20th-century concept. The really trendy thing now — the 21st-century thing — is to use your armed forces to impose the will of the New World Order on countries too small to hit back.

“Bambi” also said in the April 19 Newsweek that the Serb policy of ethnic cleansing must not only be stopped but also “reversed.” Which really ties in with the insistence of the whole New World Order crowd that no ethnically clean countries will be tolerated in the 21st century. Only “multicultural” countries will be permitted.”


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    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      The 2 or 3 articles Dr Pierce specifically wrote about the NWO are probably his best and still the most important.