21 June, 2018

The Word Revolution Within the World Revolution, or, Illegally Remaking Our Language to Push an Agenda

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If you’re going to remake the world, you must first remake the words, so that the new words can help you accomplish your political/racial agenda. That’s what Political Correctness (P.C., a.k.a. Cultural Marxism) is all about [1]. It’s “Marxism meets language.” It amounts to a handful of people (e.g., newspaper owners/editors, news columnists and university administrators, most of whom are Jews) telling Americans what they can, and can’t, say. It’s totalitarianism violating free speech.

The term “Political Correctness” came from the Soviet Union, and P.C. is based upon lies and deceit [2][3]. Among the first modern usages of the term “Politically Correct” — in a positive way — was by the Jewish feminist leader Karen DeCrow (real name Lipschultz) in 1975. (Among her other activities, DeCrow pressured NASA to recruit more women).

Like all forms of leftism, P.C. is very contradictory: on the one hand, it tries to make all humans appear to be equal; but at the same time, it tries to make White people look bad. It tries to do both at once. (The anti-racism movement is similarly contradictive, i.e., on the one hand, it says that Blacks are equal to Whites; but at the same time, it says that Blacks need Affirmative Action and six different kinds of welfare, even today; which claim is the truth?).

Cultural Marxism is a sub-ideology of The Frankfurt School’s “Critical Theory.” P.C. is part of Cultural Marxism (I call P.C. the “yolk” inside of the Cultural Marxist “egg”). In other words, P.C. is a Jewish movement.

It’s amazing that P.C. is tolerated in America, a country that supposedly values free speech above almost anything else. (P.C. is illegal if enforced by authority figures, since it violates the First Amendment right to free speech; university administrators are actually violating the Constitution when they enforce P.C. doctrines).

A few examples of Politically Correct words/phrases:

“Negro” or “Black”: You can’t say those words anymore. Now, the word is “African-American.” (But interestingly, Whites can be “African-American” as well. If they were born in South Africa and later moved to America, they’re “African-American”).

“Homosexual”: No, you can’t say that now, either. The word is “gay.”

“Oriental” or “Chinaman”: No. Now, it’s “Asian.”

“Illegal Alien”: No. Now, it’s “undocumented immigrant/migrant” or even “pre-American-citizen.”

“Disabled”: No. Now, it’s “physically challenged” or “differently abled.”

“Retarded”: No. Now, it’s “mentally challenged” or “developmentally challenged.”

“Policewoman”: You can’t say that anymore. Now, it’s always “police officer.”


[1] i.e., Marxism applied to culture rather than to economics

[2] Paraphrasing an old, infamous Soviet dialogue:
Soviet official #1: “That information is not factually correct.” Soviet official #2: “You’re right. But it is politically correct.” P.C. usually involves language/speech, whereas Cultural Marxism usually involves more physical actions, e.g., creating multicultural TV shows or filling up White schools with Brown and Black people. I like to think of P.C. as the “language part” of Cultural Marxism. As America becomes more violent and unstable due to ethnic conflict, it will become a Western version of the Soviet Union. Guaranteed.

[3] Trivia: the Soviet Union was created by Jewish revolutionaries in 1917. It was the first criminal state. All of its leaders had been in jail or prison. Vladimir Lenin was part-Jewish. Lev Kamenev, first head of state of Soviet Russia, was also part-Jewish. Leon Trotsky, the supreme commander of the Soviet Red Army, was a Jew, as was the head of the political section of the Soviet Red Army, Yan Gamarnik, as was the Soviet Finance Commissar, Grigori Sokolnikov. Three-quarters of the first Soviet Politburo was made up of either Jews or part-Jews. The head and the sub-head of the Soviet Comintern, Grigori Zinoviev and Osip Piatnitsky, were both Jews. The official Soviet newspaper, Pravda, was run by a Jew, Lev Mekhlis, who was also Joe Stalin’s secretary, personal assistant and close confidant, and Mekhlis was also an important political commissar who was in charge of “rooting out the political enemies of Stalin” in the Soviet Union. The man in charge of “genociding” the Ukraine was also a Jew, Lazar Kaganovich, who was one of Stalin’s top henchmen

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    1. David Mann Says:

      Let’s not ever deceive ourselves into thinking that we can say whatever we want to anymore. The “powers that be” are ever busy trying to squelch our natural born liberties that we are still so blessed to have, at least for now. Use them while you still can brothers and sisters and keep the faith, first of all in God, and next in the good people and family that you have in your life.