27 June, 2018

U.S. Supreme Court Deals Big Blow to Labor Unions

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(Above: Three big labor-union icons, all of them Jews: David Dubinsky, Sidney Hillman and Jacob S. Potofsky)

The scary part is that the court ruling was 5-4. That’s very close. Why did 4 justices vote against the majority on such an obvious, no-brainer issue? (No need to answer).

One of president F.D. Roosevelt’s top Jews, Sidney Hillman, pioneered the idea of using labor unions for political purposes. His idea worked brilliantly, and soon liberal Democrats dominated the political landscape. For 50 years leftists and labor unions worked closely together, scoring victory after victory (even in non-union states) [1]. But today, the tide is changing. Unions are losing power every year.


More about labor unions and who pioneered them [Here].

[1] even non-union states have unions, e.g., firefighters, police, and bus drivers unions

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