29 July, 2018

A Jewish Neocon Says That Whites in Europe Need Supervision by the UN, the EU and NATO

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(Above: what will happen if the Western world rejects globalism and the New World Order: another Hitler will emerge! OMG! Do you really want to vote for Trump in the next election? [**insert scary music here**])

Jewish neocon #1: “If Whites in Europe aren’t supervised by the globalist organizations such as the UN and NATO, history could repeat itself! Nazism could be just around the corner, which means that Jewish supremacism and tyranny may vanish altogether — we can’t have that!”

Jewish neocon #2: “That’s right! The New World Order must be embraced by the stupid White people! If not, bongo music, Ebonics and gang-rape won’t take hold in Europe. Evil Whiteness will reign supreme, leading to peace, freedom, stability, security and other frightening things!”

Jewish neocon #3: “If we aren’t careful, sinister White populists and nationalists like Donald Trump will be coming to power all over Europe. They will force innocent Jews to eat non-kosher fried foods every day, leading to really high cholesterol levels, and think of the obesity and stroke risks, too! We must not tolerate such intolerance towards the intolerant!”

Dumb White Guy: “Gee, I never thought of things that way before. Thanks for explaining it all to me. I’m going to do my part here in America and vote for Hillary Clinton in the next election, instead of Donald Trump. Yes, I will vote against hate, racism and bigotry! After all, Black immigrants are my brothers and sisters — Jesus said so!”


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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Thats a great picture of the Fuhrer!!