21 July, 2018

An Unusually Honest White Leftist Answers a Few Questions

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Q: “Why do you liberals want to destroy the West?”

A: “Well, our standard excuse is: ‘Because White people, especially White males, are evil. They’ve oppressed people for centuries. They have all the power.’ But that sounds sort of funny when you think about it, huh? I mean, as if we liberals haven’t oppressed people! Ever heard of Lenin? Stalin? Mao? We liberals live for power and control. We’re natural bullies. We celebrated the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Chile and Nicaragua. Mass murder and oppression? We don’t mind mass murder and oppression, as long as we’re the ones doing it.”

Q: “But if you destroy the West, then White people will be out of power and Brown people will be in power. That’s just a transfer of power, nothing more.”

A: “As long as White people aren’t in power anymore, we don’t care.”

Q: “But you always say that ‘race doesn’t matter.’ Why does it matter which race is in power?”

A: “Race matters. We liberals know that. In fact, we’re obsessed with race. We just say ‘race doesn’t matter’ because we’re habitual liars. We always try to gain political power by lying and fooling people. But really, it’s more complicated than that. Look, our de facto leaders are the Jews: they built the Leftist movements in the West. They steer liberalism via the media and Hollywood. The Jews look White, but they aren’t White, and they actually hate and fear White people, especially White men. The Jews, and therefore we liberals, won’t rest until the Western world is depleted of White people. That’s called ‘genocide,’ by the way.”

Q: “Do you really think the West will run smoothly under Brown control? Do you think that Brown people will treat you fairly once they’re in power?”

A: “Well, no and no, and neither do the Jews, but they want to end White power here anyway, hoping that they – the Jews – will somehow come out on top in the end. But that idea probably won’t work because herding White people and herding Brown people are two completely different things. It’s almost like we and the Jews have a death wish. You know that old fable about the frog and the scorpion? That applies here. ‘Cutting off your nose to spite your face’ – that’s an idiom that applies here. We and the Jews are both preordained to destroy ourselves; we’re not calm, we’re immature and emotional — we have female-type brains; we’re like juvenile delinquents who stole the keys to a bus full of people: we’re gonna crash it and kill everyone, including ourselves. We can’t not do it, just like an alcoholic can’t not drink.”

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  7. One Response to “An Unusually Honest White Leftist Answers a Few Questions”

    1. Pierre Says:

      You’re typical psychopath! I wonder if Jews have a death wish. They’re too smart for that. Smart enough to use idiots like this guy as servants to do their dirty jobs. These questions are mesmerizing. We are living at a very interesting time. Everything obscur is unfolding at a fast rate so I’ll probably see the climax before I die. I hope anyways.