25 July, 2018

The Unfairness of Mass Immigration Into the West: Why Are Only the White Countries Absorbing Immigrants?

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I was reading an article about British culture and “cultural stereotypes” (which are generally true). One expert said (paraphrasing) that “as non-Western immigration into Britain increases, the old stereotypes about Britain are vanishing.” Of course they are vanishing! In other words, newbies, what he was saying is that many unique things about Britain are vanishing due to Brown people flooding into Britain and slowly turning it into a non-White country. This immigration is unfair not just to Britain but to all of the White countries. Those White countries are changing, but, at the same time, the Brown countries are not changing. India, Pakistan and Mexico will still be the same Brown toilets in 75 years that they are now, because few people are immigrating into those countries. But all of the White countries will be completely transformed in 75 years due to mass immigration. It’s a one-way street: the White countries will turn Brown, but the Brown countries won’t turn White (this is the plan, of course: the genocide of the Western world). If you are concerned about fairness, you can see that this situation is unfair to all White people. The West needs a permanent ban on all non-White immigration now.

  • 2 Responses to “The Unfairness of Mass Immigration Into the West: Why Are Only the White Countries Absorbing Immigrants?”

    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      Europe and North America require more than an immediate and total ban on non-White immigration, a program of complete repatriation of those aliens already in residence is urgently necessary.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Ban all Racial Aliens !!
      Common Sense Whiteness
      Wont happen till the Jews are out of Power here.