18 July, 2018

What is a “Nation”?, or, Re-Inventing Our Words

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Just what does Hayden think the word “nation” means? A nation is not a country! Not! A nation is “a group of people who are alike.” The Japanese people are a nation (they also have their own country, which can be called a “nation-state”) and so are the Sioux Indians of the American Midwest. So are the Swedish people (or, they were, until Sweden was flooded with immigrants during the past century). The vast majority of America’s founders were WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants). They shared an ethnic bond. They were a nation. (President George Washington was a WASP).


  • 4 Responses to “What is a “Nation”?, or, Re-Inventing Our Words”

    1. Stan Burns Says:

      WASP is an illogical term that was probably created by Jews.

      “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant”

      There aren’t any black Anglo-Saxons.

      Washington was probably a Deist (just as Jefferson was), not a protestant.


    2. fd Says:

      A blood based culture is forbidden under the degrading yoke of central despotism.

      The Japanese are emasculated under the military boot of 73 years of occupation. Germans too.

      White people should consider themselves at large. Tell the obese government in whatever country to f**k off. The liberals and conservatives might as well sit in a vacant lot and drink milk.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      Only “Evil Whitey” is not allowed to have a Racial Nation State.
      I’ve noticed a pattern of renting people on Craigslist.
      Everyone wants to rent from someone like them!

      In other words young chicks want to find other young chicks to
      Live with . Men are more open about sexes but women are closed.
      Conservatives feel more comfortable with other conservatives
      Liberals and hippies with other hippies liberals and vegans
      Etc. etc.

      This is the normal pattern of human behavior.
      Somehow its ok to discriminate on a personal level
      Where u live and WHO you live with.
      When you extrapolate that onto Society at Large
      Its suddenly
      Evil Hateful Bigoted Homophobic etc. etc.
      Nature and human inclination seem to point to
      Similar and heterogeneous societies wanting to live
      Multicultural Bullshit goes against nature and inclination
      Thereby causing Stress Friction and White Flight for those
      Able economically to get out of areas where Whites are
      Becoming an oppressed minority in there formerly majority
      Area. All kinds of “mini South Africa’s are taking place all over
      This barely White Majority cunt tree.
      Whites in General are brainwashed and taught self hate and
      Over and over again by our Racial enemies so we dont Unite
      And Fight Back against our own displacement and dispossession
      From our Heritage and Inheritance our ancestors worked so hard
      To give us.
      But without a program of Racial and Cultural Preservation enforced
      By State law our people are doomed to the eternal closet of
      Extinction ala the Dodo Bird.
      Like anything in Nature
      White peeps need a place to breed without interference
      From other Hostile Homonids.
      Most who aren’t as Evolved and Civilized as Us!

    4. Pierre Says:

      Israel is now the world’s only true racial-nation.