11 July, 2018

White Philosophy for Newbies: Whites Have Seniority in the Western Countries

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Newbies: do you think that the Blacks, the Browns, the SJWs (“Social Justice Warriors”) and the “antifas” hold the moral high ground in America’s ongoing culture war? They sure act like they do, right? But they don’t. Normal White people hold the moral high ground. After all, they built the United States of America and all of the other White countries [1]. Western culture is White culture. The Western world was founded by White men and only by White men. Furthermore, White men invented 99% of everything that is important (including electricity, the lightbulb, the computer, the automobile, the airplane, the clock, the telephone, and democracy — yeah, that means we gave women, antifas and Brown people the right to vote) [2].

If you’re a White person, you automatically have seniority in the Western world. In the United States of America, and in Canada, England, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, if you’re White, you automatically have more rights and freedoms than Blacks, Browns, Asians or Jews. Those rights and freedoms were not created by legislatures or parliaments. Those rights and freedoms are natural and inborn: you’ve had them since birth.


[1] re: America: 118 White men created the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution

[2] about White inventions

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    1. fd Says:

      Non-Whites don’t need the moral high ground. The sectional Black Republican party gave them the 14th amendment. That’s all they need. The Black Republicans also marshalled into service an ultra modern non-White army to kill White people in North America and then the world.

      It’s a remarkable fact that Obama and Lincoln claim Illinois as their home state.

      Black Republicans pave the way for Mr. Obama: