7 July, 2018

Women and Equality: a Joke That’s Not Really Funny

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It says here that the top dating “deal-breaker” for a woman is a man’s failure to pay for her dinner. Hmmmm. Interesting. And disturbing. In other words, what could develop into a long-lasting relationship, or even marriage, hinges only on…a little money. Wow. Double wow. Maybe I’ll become a monk and go live in a monastery. Skip all the head games.

So, women demand “equality,” but they also demand that, on dates, the guys pay for dinner. You know, I like how women are “equal” until, for example, they see a huge cockroach in the bathroom. Then they scream, “Larry!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Help!!! There’s a huge cockroach in the bathroom!! Get him out of here now!!!” They’re equal until the lights go out during a storm, then they’re totally lost and scared and you’ve gotta find the breaker box, or the flashlight. Ever go fishing at a lake with women in the rowboat? Don’t. You’ll pull up anchor every 30 minutes (thereby scaring the fish away) so that you can row 300 yards to shore and then wait 10 minutes (they can’t, or won’t, pee in a boat. But your male buddies can and will). So much for equality. Women’s “equality” isn’t real equality. It’s “fake equality” or better yet, “equality according to women”: “We’ll be cheerful as long as men cater to us and follow our silly, female rules”; it’s a child’s version of equality [1]. [Video].

[1] the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said that women “are big children all their lives”

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    1. Luke Says:

      It has crossed my mind probably a million or more times, that the total amount of resource extraction from men that women have finagled since the dawn of time – has to be immeasurable.

      I consider myself to be a fairly traditional White guy, and I’ve never been much of a hard ass on the question of who pays for dinner, at least not on the first date. But, I can definitely see what a ridiculously unfair situation the whole ‘dating and courtship’ game is – especially today, when we are constantly being reminded by the media that women are now the majority of college students, which also means they are probably the majority of college graduates and therefore more likely to have careers that pay them a fairly decent annual salary.

      The situation in the past – when our parents, and grand parents, and great grand parents were living – was that the females of those generations did not usually have jobs that paid them a high salary; but, men – then as now – have always been expected to work and earn a paycheck. Men had money, single women usually did not, so it made perfect sense for the guy to pay for dates.

      That whole paradigm has now been radically changed – and now, women do have money and sometimes more money than the man might be earning. But, women still expect the guy to pay? Based on what?

      Here is my answer, and I pretty sure most guys would agree with it.

      Based on the mere ‘possibility’ that the guy MIGHT get a little trim. Let me emphasize that key word once again: ‘MIGHT’. Fact: Women leverage that vague possibility as ruthlessly and as avariciously as they can get away with. White females excel at this skill.

      This is something it took me a few decades to figure out – but, I firmly believe that a woman decides whether or not she is going to give it up to a guy within the first 10 or 15 minutes of meeting him. Guys, however, tend to follow the naive notion that, if they spend enough money on a female – she will feel ingratiated towards them, and be more likely to ‘reward’ the guy with sex. I do not doubt that this tactic might work in some situations, but not nearly as much as it might have in past generations – due to a number of important factors.

      Such as career women having their own money and more independence because of it. They can, if necessary, pay for their own needs and entertainment expenses – although most White women still prefer to snooker men into paying for these things. Women of today have also been brainwashed by the mainstream media and Hollywood – to be more selfish, more aggressively materialistic, more demanding and narcissistic in their interactions with men. They’ve been taught that it is A-Ok for them to place a price tag on their ‘companionship’. This is a one-way street, though – because I’ve never met any White female would consider shelling out a dime to spend time with a man, because men are not allowed to place a price tag on their companionship.

      Oh, and that ‘price tag’ that today’s women have been told they can place on their companionship – does NOT include any obligation like offering up any trim. This leads to men assuming that it MIGHT, so they pour more and more of their financial resources into the dating and entertainment of a female that they are pursuing – who has already decided to never have sex with him. Most savvy guys will eventually wake up and realize they are flushing their money down the toilet – and decide to ditch the gold digger and look for a new woman to pursue. Rinse and repeat.

      I’ve often thought that life for men would be much better and a lot less expensive, if women were all born with a small led display in their foreheads and when you met a new female – if she wanted to eventually have sex with you, a green light would flash and if she decided she never would have sex with you, a red light would flash. This would give the guy an immediate answer to his question before he spent a dime on the woman and if she was flashing green – the guy would not have to worry that she was taking advantage of him and he would probably be willing to spend even more money on her. It would also take the pressure off of the dating ritual, and the couple could take their time and get to know each other better before deciding to do the monkey rumble.

    2. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Forget about having sex with women. A woman who would do that without being married is not a worthy woman. And a man who would insist on that is a meat-predator.

      Sexual energy can be raised to make a person more empathetic, more intuitive, and more creative. Sex is one of the traps of the earth-plane, and few there be that don’t get caught.

      To be controlled by sex is to be controlled by women. To be controlled by women is to be controlled by illusion, maya.

      The West has lost the spiritual verities, and we have made sex into a recreation, with abortion as a sacrament. When entire nations get caught in the sex-trap, the end is not far, because there is no reserve energy for the higher things in life.

      I would like that every fourteen-yr. old boy work in a nursery, taking care of babies and changing diapers. In this way, he would learn what a human body is. It is not meat, existing only to serve one’s desires. It is a temple of God.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Holy One, your words are as clear and hard as diamonds.

      Truth is found there, holy truth, which the world denies.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      At one of his mens’ retreat darshans, Sri Sreggin preached on “The Wounded Soul of Women.”

      He told us that women, because of their monthly periods, have more understanding of what a fleshly body is, and at the same time feel a sense of shame, and thus have a wounded soul.

      With humor and insight, he made us feel how strange it must be to be injected with fluid that causes a creature to grow up inside you, and then to expel the creature through your “baby slit” only to have it “then immediately try to suck fluid out of you.”

      We all gained a greater appreciation for our masculinity (yang), just by observing the qualities of its opposite, the yin.

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      Holy One, your words are truth and life!