10 August, 2018

New Stuff from Alex

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New writings from VNN founder Alex Linder. He is reviving Kirksville Today.

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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Sympathies to Alex and Everyone in Kirksville Mo.
      If y’all got some Congolese Niggers that have been
      Imported in . They are there to destroy and Vampire
      Off local White folks .
      They (big jew) imported some Ethiopian and Somali
      Niggers into Greeley Colorado. No doubt they’ll be
      Supported by local taxpayers here. On social welfare.

      The huge irony Jews always Love is Whites here pay to
      Finance Jewry and Israel’s dispossession of Palestinian
      People there and the dispossession of Whites here by the mass
      Importation of Turd World Scum thru various programs.

      Because Whitey has been so beat over the head with “white guilt”
      We can’t or wont speak out against it for to do so is “RACIST”!?!

      Thats how bad its gotten .

      We are being forced to fund OUR OWN EXTINCTION

      I am open to ideas to beat their Insidiously evil plot.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      The Red Skull always enjoys Herr Linders pertinent observations and comments
      Keep up the Good Work!