28 August, 2018

Still More About the Roots of Feminism: Making It “Official” Doctrine

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(Above: pioneering Jewish psychologist Dr. Sandra Lipsitz Bem [1944-2014])

Out of academia in 1974 came the “Bem Sex-Role Inventory” (named after Dr. Sandra Bem, Ph.D.), a sex-based test which spawned new, “improved” theories concerning masculine and feminine traits. The “Bem Sex-Role Inventory” liberalized ideas concerning male/female roles and behaviors. The Bem test tells you how masculine or feminine you are. Call me weird, but I don’t like liberal Jews “measuring” my masculinity or femininity, or telling me what “masculine” and “feminine” mean or if I should be more feminine [1]. Here’s a quote about Bem from Wikipedia: “For example, Bem edited the books that her children read to create a more androgynous view. This included, for example, drawing long hair and feminine body characteristics on male figures.” Well! It looks like she was a big believer in the idea of blurring the natural lines that exist between men and women. Bem is described at one website as a “pioneering feminist psychologist.” Another quote about Bem: “Her pioneering work on gender roles, gender polarization and gender stereotypes led directly to more equal employment opportunities for women in the United States.” — Wikipedia. Gee, thanks a lot, Sandy.

Later, in 1981, Bem developed “gender schema” theory, which suggests that children are not “naturally” girls or boys. Instead, children are “taught” by the media and by society in general to behave, stereotypically, as boys or as girls – in other words, sexual differences are largely unnatural: society “brainwashes” children into behaving as boys or as girls; “it’s all about environmental factors” goes the argument (we have seen the ridiculous “environmental” argument for decades in “race”/”racism” studies).

[1] Sandra Bem and her husband were/are Jewish

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    1. J├╝rgen Says:


    2. BroncoColorado Says:

      Any parent with half a brain knows that little boys and girls are different and require a complementary set of skills provided by the mother and father to raise children properly.
      Jews are at war with reality and nature. Their insanity is destroying our civilization.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      When Jews like her start “thinking”
      It leads to a worse society for White People.

    4. Antagonistes Says:

      Let her work doing REAL WORK, like bricklaying, carpentry, plumbing, etc., for about three years and then I MIGHT listen to what she has to say.

      As it is now, she knows nothing except what she had learned from books. Which is to say, she has merely smelt the brain-farts of others, who merely smelt the brain-farts of the others who came before them.


    5. Dave Says:

      “Antagonistes Says:
      31 August, 2018 at 9:43 pm

      Let her work doing REAL WORK, like bricklaying, carpentry, plumbing, etc.”

      Why does the far right always glorify manual labor?