26 August, 2018

The Crazed, Zionist Warmonger, John McCain, Has Died. Either He Died, or Jesus Died, It’s Hard to Tell Which

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Both Obama and Hillary praised McCain, a.k.a. “Johnny Wet-Start” (“…we are all in his debt” said Obama). And the liberal Jew, Sen. Charles Schumer, wants to rename the U.S. Senate building after him. What does that say about McCain? It says a lot, actually – none of it good.


  • 9 Responses to “The Crazed, Zionist Warmonger, John McCain, Has Died. Either He Died, or Jesus Died, It’s Hard to Tell Which”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:


      Now is a perfect time to prove to your acquaintances
      that the Democrats and Republicans (the anti-Trump
      RINOS) are really all on the same side: serving their
      Big Jew Master. Point out to them how many Democrats
      are praising this lowlife “Republican” John McCain.

      It is only when some Zionist dies off that you see this
      rare, open show of their true camaraderie.

    2. BroncoColorado Says:

      McCain can now shake hands with that other piece of shit Ted Kennedy.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      Screw Sen John McCain!
      Hopefully hes Rotting in a particularly Hot Nasty Hole
      In Hell!
      Maybe he will have to share his hole with Ted Kennedy
      Who beat him there.
      Globalist -Traitor to his people.
      Zionist Lackey and Lap Dog.
      Rot in Hell

    4. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      John McCain would have had a more honorable life if he had ended up like the frozen nigger I found in a drainage sewer when I was about 12 yrs. old.

      The frozen nigger died humbly and did not storm about on the world’s stage for all his adult life trying to undo his cowardice and fear. He was undoubtedly not the spoiled brat child of an “important man.”

      All of John McCain’s money and power could not undo his knowledge of what he truly was. It could not hide it.

      Life is serious, and the chain of causation is made of iron.

    5. fd Says:

      I wonder how much the Federals paid the commies to release McCain in 1973?

      Modern day patriotism is exclusive to those who march the lockstep. That the media is promoting McCain as a hero is proof that the media is the propaganda arm of the government. Criminal establishment and criminal government does more than lower the bar for the modern hero. It dictates to the people who is worthy of praise.

      The man who seeks office, media notoriety and raises both hands for the applause of the multitude is a plastic hero.

      I recall a homeless veteran that I met in the 2d half of the 1980s. A country boy with a deep South accent. After returning home from Vietnam, he began throwing up buckets of blood caused by Agent Orange. He’s probably gone.

    6. Thom McQueen Says:

      That drongo is now turning into black slime.

    7. Pierre Says:

      One feels relieved and happy to witness the end of this miserable shabbos goy who has caused the death of millions of civilians.

    8. Rust Shackleford Says:

      TUMORS for Chuck Shumer!!!

    9. fd Says:

      A Senator from Georgia said anybody who doesn’t honor McCain should be whipped. Regimented patriotism is tyranny. I wonder if the Leo Frank hanging tree has vacancy for the Senator?