18 August, 2018

White “Space Racism” or “Thinking Beyond Your Nose”

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(Above: the Earth’s moon)

A parable: Many centuries ago, Black and Brown people walked out of the bushes and onto the beach for the first time. They stood and looked out across the ocean, shrugged, and then walked back into the bushes. Later, White people walked onto the same beach, looked out across the ocean, built a large boat, and sailed off to explore the world. See the difference between Whites and non-Whites? Whites were born to explore, to reach for the stars, to always improve their station in life. Black and Brown people were born to eat and fuck (and rob people).

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  7. One Response to “White “Space Racism” or “Thinking Beyond Your Nose””

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      If we Whiteys go into Space
      To the Moon and Mars

      R we gonna havta bring the Niggers Beaners
      Gooks and other assorted human mystery meat
      Due to Affirmative Action ?
      On Nigger Bean or Gook on each “mission”
      So they can get “credit” too?
      Unless theres a dramatic change here!

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