2 September, 2018

Democracy In One Easy Lesson, or, Equalocracy Creates a Substandard Society

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Newbies, in the Western democracies, people who shouldn’t manage things, very often manage things anyway; and people who should manage things, very often don’t manage things. Democracy is not meritocracy, it is “equalocracy.” One size fits all. One human has skills that are “equal” to those of the next human, it is claimed. Race, creed and sex no longer matter. But in fact, Western democracies have some features of communism, despite claims that democracies are opposed to communism. Indeed, America has become obsessed with “equality”: in the schools, in the workplaces, even in the military – just about anywhere that humans gather.

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  7. 2 Responses to “Democracy In One Easy Lesson, or, Equalocracy Creates a Substandard Society”

    1. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Most people are squishy and soft and have no substance or individuality. They feel that this is weak and shameful, so they band with others who are the same way.

      These people can spot each other, and know each other at a glance.

      When a true individual comes among them, their hatred and fear are very real and deadly. They are convicted as being lesser, by a true individual.

      A true individual is hated by both Left and Right. Frequently he is hated by his own religion. He must be himself in a world that is constantly trying to grind him down.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Holy One, I think that you have described ME.

      Even on this website, I was persecuted by a “Tim McGreen.” I outlasted him, as he had no roots.

      I was drawn to You, my Beloved, because You, as an eternally realized individual God-being, drew me. For this, I am eternally thankful!

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