22 November, 2018

A Framework for White Living: What Would It be Like?

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Just thinking out loud here. Forget the fact that one – or maybe more – of the guys on the stage here is a Jew. Forget that for a moment. This talk raises big questions, for me, concerning White Nationalists as well: what should guide White mankind today? What kind of framework (a book, I guess) should be the White man’s main guide for living? Is there already such a framework? [1]. And a framework based on what? Facts? Myths and fables? Religion? All three? (No. No religion, since it causes too many problems). Who would decide what the framework would be made up of? Should the framework be simple or complex, long or short? Should we have the framework as a “bible” of sorts? (I think so. I think we need one now). Perhaps the framework could be a collection of the works of Pierce, Oliver, Linder, Duke and others? A book, somewhat short, maybe 300 pages long. Maybe in audio and video form as well (i.e., spoken word). A new Bible to replace that sick monstrosity that was written by the Jews. Perhaps it could contain a statement of WN ideology in the front, as a preface, and then feature the works of the men mentioned above? Readers, please comment below.


[1] true, some people would say that there is already such a framework, e.g., the books “Mein Kampf” or “Which Way Western Man?” But they are long and not exactly updated for the current times

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  7. 5 Responses to “A Framework for White Living: What Would It be Like?”

    1. Luke Says:

      Following a recent interaction with 3 fellow White males, 2 of which I had previously thought were at least a tiny bit red pilled on the race realism issue, and then in a conversation with White male #3 – we were discussing Trump, politics, the racial polarization of the country and the prospects for the future ( he said he voted for Trump ) – he, somewhat indignantly I thought, reveals to me that his White daughter had had a ‘romantic’ relationship with a black male that lasted about a year and he seemed to be touting this piece of sickening news with a noticeable degree of self-righteous ‘pride’, as though he felt it gave him a life-time get out of jail free card for ever being accused of being a white racist.

      “I mean, hey, I raised a daughter and made sure she grew up without ever being taught to have any sense of racial pride or loyalty in her own race and I am PROUD of the fact that her vagina and throat and probably even her asshole has been marinaded with multiple gallons of negro jism!”

      Listening to this kind of gut wrenching, white male emasculated shit has put me into a state of depression and pessimism that, 4 months later, I still haven’t been able to completely break free from.

      It makes me wonder if the White race is even capable of surviving, when we have these kinds of cucks who seem perfectly happy to see their offspring submerge their White European dna under the continent of Africa.

    2. Chandala Says:

      “What would a framework for white living be like?”
      THAT is the fundamental question.
      It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for these many years.
      Obviously, there is no simple answer.
      If there were, the white race would not now be facing imminent extinction.
      But the answer is so important, I have faith that there must be an answer, an answer that can allow us to avoid our extermination.

      My tentative answer is to keep reading and learning from the great heroes of the white race who’ve already spent their lives in pursuit of the answer, and who’ve already provided at least partial answers.

      David Lane summed up the ultimate objective in his fourteen words, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”.

      Hitler was motivated by the knowledge that the white race is the pinnacle of creation, and that it’s a question of priorities, the continued existence and improvement of the white race is the highest priority in the Universe, and every other aspect of human life on Earth must be subordinate to this highest priority.

      Ben Klassen had part of the answer when he recognized that it is the religion of the Jews that’s allowed them to maintain their distinctive race in existence for thousands of years, even in spite of forces seeking their disappearance. We do need a white religion for the white race.

      And Klassen was right again when he said that what our enemies do is not as important as getting white people to be aware of their own infinite value, that they are God’s highest creation, and that God commands the white race to continue to exist and improve.

      Cesar Tort, along with many others, is right when he points out that Christianity is a Jewish trick to get the white race to commit suicide.

      There are many others who’ve provided partial answers to the question of what would a successful White World View look like. I’ve collected over a thousand books and documents looking for the answer to that question. But the key to the continued existence of the white race still seems just out of reach. Keep searching. The fact that someone is at least asking the right question gives me some hope.

    3. fd Says:

      White separation is a law of nature.

    4. Lorenz Kraus Says:

      Racial teleology.

      Teleology is action for a purpose; thus racial teleology is action for a racial purpose; action that has racial/species survival value. Nature only cares about what has racial survival value. That’s what it rewards.

      Nature doesn’t care about true-versus-false, but the actions that deliver. This solves the religious issue. Thus, any element of any religion, true or false, that has racial survival value would function to serve the race. Some things would suit and function for us better than others, especially, if it were front and center; without distractions, contradictions, and confusions that the Bible puts up. Many new religions could be invented on the framework of racial teleology. If Christians took up a new sacrament to sacrifice a Jew to Jesus, every weekend, that would be great.

      If people agreed on racial teleology, they could judge the merits of Christianity and everything in it to separate the wheat from the chaff. If it served the race, we wouldn’t have racial problems today. Christian defects won’t be plugged with Christianity, but a method of thinking, racial teleology.

      Religion is politics by other means; which means religion is war. Likewise, history is politics by other means; which means history is war. The holohoax functions as warfare.

      Volk-dharma is the synthesis of two Indo-European words: Volk (the eternal life of the Germanic people) and dharma (order and maintenance.) Dharma is meaningless without race. With race, Dharma means racial order and what maintains it. Thus, Volk-dharma would be a racially-ordered society that secures the eternal life of the Germanic people. That’s what a Volksaver aims for, as I’ve defined it. (volksavers.com). Jews overthrow Volk-dharma causing world chaos.

      The main thing isn’t a book, but a method of thinking. Does this serve and sustain the Volk or not? Politics must yield to racial teleology.

      Volk-dharma in Europe would mean dissolving the French and Polish governments (the sacred cow of history) and letting them live in parish level/town hall level democracy. If Germany dissolved the French government in 1871, the world wars couldn’t have happened. Russia wasn’t going to war against Germany without France and France wasn’t going in without Britain. Dissolve the French state, and there is no two-front war; no world wars. The same with Poland. The British played both to foment the deaths of tens of millions. Trigger-states are security vulnerabilities in Europe. They don’t need a foreign policy which can be exploited to disrupt peace in Europe.


      Greg Johnson says every ethic group needs its own ethno-state. Not every ethnic group has proven to be responsible with a state in terms of serving the best interests of Europe, i.e., racial teleology. Ethno-states in the wrong hands brought us to extinction.

      There’s a pecking order in Europe. A small state can’t defend all of Europe, but a larger group can. That falls to Germany, as usual. Therefore, the people of Europe must cooperate for Europe’s defense against invaders by having a main leader to protect Europe and then take their role.

      Turkey should be kicked out of Europe and the land there should be a German military zone. Or Germany should swallow Turkey and use that as a buffer from the east. Whatever stops the refugees. Turkey collaborates with the British as a pincer-movement against Europe. Same with Gibraltar. Europe’s perimeter must be secured.

      The British government should be dissolved because it has proven to be a world disaster. That’s what is best for the white race. Same with the US government. The US destroyed Iraq, Syria, and Libya, besides Germany, and threw the east into communism.

      Those who can see the interests of the whole must be allowed/encouraged to rise. Then the whole can survive. Without Volk-dharma, THE END.

      Volk-dharma would work in South Africa, as it would in, Europe or the Americas. Ordinarily, Germans bring racial order. Jews bring racial disorder. Take your pick.


    5. BroncoColorado Says:

      To an extent I agree with Lorenz but I push the decisive date back from 1871 to the Crimean War of 1854. Russia was on the rise and should have been allowed and supported to give the Ottoman Empire the long overdue knock-out blow.
      France would have been left fairly impotent and Austrian ambitions in the Balkans would be greatly diminished.
      The only possible downside could have been Russian interference in the rise of Prussia and the unification of Germany.
      Of course all this is just armchair theorizing. The only question we must address is which states are presently impeding, almost strangling, Volk-Dharma? I would say those states are France, and surprisingly, Germany (or at least the occupation government). Of course the ultimate power behind race liquidation is the US government and the Jews who control it.