10 November, 2018

Cultural Marxism by Governmental Force: Scotland Introduces Mandatory Queer Indoctrination of Children in Schools

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(Above: the Jew, Magnus Hirschfeld [1868–1935], the “godfather” of the fake field of “transgender” science. A modern pioneer of the “transgender” movement was another Jew, Leslie Feinberg [1949–2014]).

“The government said schools would be required to adopt an “LGBT+ inclusive” curriculum, including tackling homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and promoting awareness of the history of LGBT+ movements.”

Fuck this. A healthy country doesn’t do this. Only a sick, hopeless country does this. Why is Scotland knuckling under to the twisted demands of 1% of the population (i.e., homosexuals)? In the acronym “LGBTQ”, the “T” stands for “Transgender.” There’s no such thing as transgender. (Some people might say, “well, Scottish parents can just remove their children from public schools.” Knowing Europe, I’ll bet that they can’t do that by law, unless the children attend private schools, which are usually expensive). Also, make no mistake: this movement by Scotland will start a trend worldwide. That’s the way Cultural Marxism works: it’s like a car with no brakes. It’ll keep going and going. Soon, every country will mandate LGBTQ horseshit in schools.


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  7. One Response to “Cultural Marxism by Governmental Force: Scotland Introduces Mandatory Queer Indoctrination of Children in Schools”

    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      The government of Scotland is composed of parliamentarians who were elected under the banner of Scottish Nationalism, they are in the confused minds of the electorate supposed to be ‘nationalists’. Few people in Scotland have woken up to the fact that the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) is anything but nationalist in its aims and personnel. The SNP are a motley bunch of commies, globalists and maoist.
      All this LBTQ…XYZ crap is bad enough but the the SNP and its ranting SJW leader want to submerge the nation with millions of turd worlders.