7 November, 2018

Jews Hate and Fear Putin’s Russia

Posted by Socrates in jewed politics, Putin, Russophobia, Socrates, Trump, Trump's policies, Trumpphobia at 4:53 pm | Permanent Link

Four powerful U.S. Jews (2 Senators, 2 Representatives) yell about the new, acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, and his role in the “Russian election-meddling” probe (meddling which never happened anyway). The Jewish community has a special hatred of and phobia about Putin’s Russia; “proving” Russian election meddling is high on its priority list; whether it actually happened or not is irrelevant to the Jews; their plan seems to be a two-fer plan: poison U.S./Russia relations and unseat Donald Trump at the same time.


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  7. 8 Responses to “Jews Hate and Fear Putin’s Russia”

    1. Jürgen Says:


      Think about it: the best thing that Putin could do is nuke (yes, I said NUKE)
      some of the major nigger-filled, jew-run cities in America.

      Just think, the day after, most of the White Man’s problems would literally be gone: millions of dead niggers, dead browns, jews having lost their system of power….

    2. John Nada Says:

      I came to a realization after this election.

      White Nationalists delude themselves over two things:

      1. They think that as whites start to become a minority – the whites will suddenly WAKE UP and start working in their own interests.

      Wrong! Even in South Africa there are plenty of anti-racist wite liberals.

      As whites, esp. middle class – become more exposed to negroes – they become less racist.

      Because they know Jim from accounts, who is a nice black guy – they humanize blacks by having friendships with them – so they will never paint all the blacks with the same brush.

      2. Second delusion: and this is a tough pill to swallow.

      We think that one day, if we manage to redpill them, the normies will WAKE UP to the Jew.

      Wrong! Most people are dumb as nails, and even if the truth hits them in the face like a hammer — they will still avoid it.

      Just look on gab, how dumb are all the Trumptards who mute nazis.

      I once left a comment on infowars, on an article about the holocaust.

      I gave info, data that was undeniable.

      I received a reply “Oh, you mean holocaust deniers!”

      (Because I called them holocaust revisionists)

      With this one buzzword, “deniers”, the trumptard thought he annulled my arguments.

      Kind of like when a liberal calls you “racist” and thinks he won the argument.

      We will always be a minority of jew woke people.

      There will never be a mass awakening to the Jew. People are braindead.

      America as a civilization is lost.

      Rome took 200 years of civil wars before the fall.

      America will fall much quicker – because of “democracy”. White people voting for niggers, to show how moral and righteous they are.

      I am generally an optimistic person, with a “anything can be done attitude”.

      But we have to look beyond the “nazi echo chamber” we have created — and look at reality objectively.

      America will become Brazil. Detroit. Baltimore.

      Nothing can stop that now.

      There will not be a white mass racial backlash.

      Even if we had free access on FB and Twitter – there will not be a mass awakening of normies to the Jew.

      Face it! Most people are just braindead.

      Democracy will ruin the USA much quicker than Rome was ruined.

      Heck, in 10 year’s time, if they give Daca amnesty, Republicans will stop winning elections.

      These are two pills that are hard to swallow.

      About the Jews? I am optimistic.

      It is only a matter of time (and by this, I mean maybe, 20 or 50 or 100 years, but it will happen)

      But it will happen as a team effort of whites, and blacks, and Muslims, and Chinese and Mexicans.

      When people of other races wake up to the Jew, they will be less merciful than whites ever were.

      Mexicans, Asians, blacks, Muslims don’t give a fuck about the holocaust.

      White people are naive and dumb as nails – they won’t wake up to the Jew because they are too goodie goodie.

      This is why I mentioned above that there will be no mass Jew awakening of whites.

      But a team of coloreds, whites and asians will eventually wake up.

      Only dumb whites care about the holohoax.

      The bad news is :America is lost. It will become Brasil. Nothing can stop it now.
      There will be no race war.

      Trumptards are anti-racist. They just donated 150 grand to a black woman scam artist who posted a picture of herself in a Maga hat and said her mother kicked her out because she supports Trump.

      Yes, Trumptards donated 150 grand to a nigger, because she is a nigger.

      The good news is we will have our revenge on the Jew.

      That is also inevitable.

      We will kick the Jews out.

      And the blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arab Muslims will have less mercy on the Jews than Adolf Hitler did.

      The Jews will wish they had Adolf Hitler.

    3. Chandala Says:

      “Jews Hate and Fear Putin’s Russia”

      This ‘Jews.. Fear” of which you speak wouldn’t have anything to do with the Judeo-Communist sense of guilt for their torture and slaughter of tens of millions of Russians while they ruled the Communist Soviet Union, and their sense of dread and fear that todays Russians may be waking up and beginning to think about righteous justice for their slaughtered mothers and fathers, would it ?

    4. Pierre Says:

      Jews as a rule hate strong, religious (especially christian), homogeneous, and cohesive countries like Russia because they can’t dominate as they wish. So their first reaction is to weaken and eventually destroy that order and to create chaos. Russia is also perceived as a major obstacle to jewish-led globalism.

    5. fd Says:

      Russia is covered with Asians. Catherine the Great said it’s too Asiatic. Jews will use that advantage against Mr. Putin.

    6. The Red Skull Says:

      I want an autograph picture of the Rootin Tootin Putin
      On my desk !
      If the Jews dont like u
      Your doing a good job!

      Go Russia!

    7. The Red Skull Says:

      Harsh but probably true writing by John N above.
      I would submit Whites will be FORCED
      Through circumstances to White Identity
      Or A Racial Nation State of our own after the
      Upcoming Civil War 2.
      Some of our people wont wake up sadly
      Until the niggers or some other subhumans
      Are in their houses raping and robbing and
      Killing them. Of course by then its far too late.
      The ones that survive such episodes even now
      Won’t put it to Race behavior.
      So fucking Brainwashed and PC are they.

    8. Free Speech Forum Says:

      Americans want to have a civil war because of illegal immigrants, homosexuals, and pot, but no one cares that the US is a bankrupt warmongering police state.