15 November, 2018

Mother Nature Hates Queers

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“(Freddie) Mercury’s homosexuality was central to his flamboyant, exhibitionist personality, but homosexuality is a biological puzzle. It reduces reproductive fitness and would be eliminated by natural selection if it had a simple genetic basis. So what causes it? The hate-scientist Gregory Cochran suggests that it’s caused by some kind of brain pathogen, possibly associated with urban living. And this “gay germ” hypothesis does account for all the known facts, from the persistence of homosexuality in urban populations to its absence among hunter-gatherers.


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  7. One Response to “Mother Nature Hates Queers”

    1. Pierre Says:

      My explanation is a bit unusual so hang on until the end:
      Most gays were abused in their youth. And since anal penetration is quite pleasurable (this urogenital zone is quite innervated in order to make the defecation process as pleasurable as possible for obvious evolutionary reasons), they acquire a taste for it and make a habit out of it.
      Same can be true for kids who start exploring sexuality at a young age with their buddies. Some will discover the pleasures associated with this type of sex (especially penetration) and stick to it even though they know it’s unnatural and wrong in most cultures (guilt).
      For the same reason, some women prefer anal intercourse to normal sex. Once they acquire a taste for it, after being introduced to it by a boyfriend, they won’t go back. I know for a fact for having met several women who enjoy only anal sex. The vagina is quite insensitive compared to the anal zone.