22 November, 2018

On the Judeo-Left’s Brainwashing of Innocent Children

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(Above: Soviet propaganda involving children, circa 1930s; the difference between the Soviet Union and modern America? About 80 years)

There are many creepy things in life. Cockroaches, for example. And Jews. But is there anything more creepy than the political/racial brainwashing of innocent children by adults? No. Children automatically believe what adults tell them. For example, if you tell 6-year-olds that White people are evil because America’s founders owned slaves, they’ll automatically believe that. (By the way, Black tribal leaders in Africa sold their own people into slavery to the White men. That’s how Blacks became slaves of White people). Since children are our future leaders, it should be illegal (a felony) to brainwash children with any type of Marxist propaganda.

  • 2 Responses to “On the Judeo-Left’s Brainwashing of Innocent Children”

    1. fd Says:

      You can bet the expression ‘German roaches’ was made popular by Jews. If I was in a room full of Jews, I’d freak out.

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      “If we lie to them and they believe it, it’s not a lie.” – jew holy man.