26 November, 2018

Online Movie: The Lady and the Duke (2001)

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A movie about the French Revolution.

The French Revolution of 1789 was the world’s first left-wing revolution. Illuminati/globalist Jews played key roles in that revolution. Notice the animalistic atmosphere of the later stages of the revolution.

The movie is in French with English subtitles; it’s based on a true story; unusual, realistic and interesting; duration is 2 hours. [Video].

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  7. 3 Responses to “Online Movie: The Lady and the Duke (2001)”

    1. Pierre Says:

      Director Eric Rhomer is a master of atmosphere. The spoken french is exquisite, but the silences, the noises of everyday life, the postures, and the decors give this movie its fantastic realism.
      Tormented epoch to say the least, the first recorded coloured revolution triggered by Jewish messianism. We are at the beginning of the Jewish globalist project. It will be followed by many revolutions, all unfolding in the same fashion.
      This is where we are headed once Jews are in total power.

    2. Spahnranch1969 Says:

      Thanks for recommending this movie. I really enjoyed it, especially the realistic animated outdoor scenes. It was like watching actual events and people from the French Revoution.

    3. Spahnranch1969 Says:

      The jews have been waging a centuries-long war to destroy all gentile monarchies that stand in their way. Interesting how they spared the so-called House of Windsor.