17 November, 2018

There Is No Such Thing as Racism as We Know It Today

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“Racism” is just another grossly-overused “-ism” that was invented by the Judeo-Left in order to attack White people — it’s an anti-White, bullying label designed to guilt-trip and slander Whites [1];

All humans have the natural right to be proud of their heritage;

All humans have the natural right to free speech, freedom of expression and freedom of association;

There is no such thing as “racism” as the term is used today [2].

[1] the word “racism”/”racist” was invented by the communist Jew, Leon Trotsky. (Note: the Judeo-Left’s new claim is that “Richard Henry Pratt” first used the word “racism” in 1902, long before Trotsky did; but remember, the Judeo-Left’s stock-in-trade is lying about racial and sexual issues: these are the very same people who tell us that “humans can change their sex” and “Blacks are ‘equal’ to Whites”)

[2] there is even ethnic conflict within the races, e.g., Asians: the Japanese and the Chinese have a long history of conflict; yet strangely, this isn’t called racism; “racism” charges are only applied to White people

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