5 November, 2018

UK: Talk About Big-City Crime, Get Called Racist

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This is from July 2018, but no matter, the point remains. Wake up to reality, White people. The reality is: even when you don’t mention race per se, you still get called “racist.” So why bother to tread lightly about race if they’re gonna call you a racist anyway? See the point? (It’s shocking how England has been so quickly destroyed by Brown people. The Brits just let it happen. The Brits went from controlling half the world circa 1920 to controlling a small island where White people are afraid to tell the truth. Really sad).


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  7. One Response to “UK: Talk About Big-City Crime, Get Called Racist”

    1. Joe Glasnovic Says:

      Greetings from Croatia.I in NO WAY want to sound self-indulgent and I will try to come to the point as briefly as possible.Lets face it,weve got our backs against the wall.Im convinced that the present situation is akin to the siege of Sziget in 1566. when a predominantly Croatian garrison of some 2,200 men under the command of the Viceroy of Croatia Nikola Zrinski for a full month held off the most powerful army,at least 100,000 men,the Ottomans had ever fielded.Zrinski with the several hundred men of the garrison sortied and were killed almost to a man.Its an Alamo situation.The only scenario I can see in the future,to quote the Lord of the Rings,is- Now for wrath,now for ruin and a red dawn.We now have to think in these concepts.Im game-Ive got several bullet holes in me from the recent war of Croatian independence and wont roll over to the zionist-leftist occupiers when the time comes even though it will probably be the forlorn hope.