28 November, 2018

Video: Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism: Like Sunlight, You Can’t Escape Them

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(Above: the nation-wrecking Jew, Jacques Derrida [1930-2004], a “philosopher” and the founder of baloney known as “deconstruction”)

In a nutshell, White Western culture is full of Marxism, but most people don’t know it because no one calls it “Marxism.” Instead, they call it “equality,” “social justice,” “diversity,” and so on. This is a good video for newbies and oldbies, too. It’s about postmodernism and Cultural Marxism, which are similar and which came from Jews by default. Note the mention of the Jew, Jacques Derrida, who was the king of postmodernist horseshit. Granted, Peterson isn’t a White nationalist, but he’s very good at explaining political things.


  • 8 Responses to “Video: Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism: Like Sunlight, You Can’t Escape Them”

    1. jayhackworth Says:

      And the obedient Americans respond and bow their heads.

    2. Joey Virgo Says:

      Jordan Peterson is an anti-White globalist and Marxist.

    3. Socrates Says:

      Peterson a Marxist? No. But an anti-White globalist? That’s another question entirely. He seems to have zero love for White nationalists.

    4. Joey Virgo Says:

      @Socrates. Please watch the video before opining. Sustainability is a Marxist doctrine and Peterson is all for it.

    5. Socrates Says:

      “Formerly known as the World Life Issues on Environment and Development (WCED), the mission of the Brundtland Commission is to unite countries to pursue sustainable development together. The Chairperson of the Commission, Gro Harlem Brundtland, was appointed by United Nations Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar in December 1983.” — Wikipedia.

      I just read this. In other words, sustainability is green Marxism. It figures. And it will, no doubt, leach or spread into human activities at numerous points. Hmmmm. This is rather disturbing.

    6. Socrates Says:

      I just watched that video. It’s very interesting and informative.

    7. Socrates Says:

      I’ll put a link to the video on the front page.

    8. Pierre Says:

      The great destroyers are at it again! Scary, I’m a Canadian. My country is doomed with “guys” like Justin Trudeau leading it. Yesterday, I bought a yellow safety jacket out of solidarity for the French who are rebelling it seems against the havoc created by Jews like Derrida, but also because I’m distressed and anxious. I don’t know what to do about it except write comments here and there. This is really bad. Doomsday.