8 December, 2018

Argentina’s Dirty War: Will It Come to America and Other Western Countries?

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(Above: Argentine leader Jorge Videla, circa 1977. Videla tried to save Argentina from destruction. His reward for that? He was sentenced to life in prison, where he died in 2013. Contrast his fate to that of the Marxist leader Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua: his Sandinista thugs murdered thousands of people, yet he was never punished for that. Why not? The answer, of course, is that leftists are never punished for anything).

What do you do when leftists are literally tearing your country apart? You go to war with them, which is what the Argentine government did in 1976 [1][2].

Will Argentina’s necessary, but short-lived, Dirty War (1976-1983) be re-played in parts of the West? It might be. One of the things that the good guys did in the Dirty War was to fire all the leftist university professors and replace them with military men. Sadly, the Dirty War didn’t save Argentina [3]. It only delayed the rot. It didn’t actually stop anything.


[1] in 1975, leftist bombs were exploding every 4 hours in Buenos Aires

[2] parts of the Dirty War have already happened in America, e.g., the assassinations of police officers by non-Whites or leftists

[3] the Dirty War would have been successful if not for “international pressure” on the Argentine government — the same international pressure that ended apartheid in South Africa and dismantled Rhodesia

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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      A True Patriot
      And Anti-Communist
      Who got “no Thanks”
      For doing what needed to be done
      To try to Save his Cunt Tree.
      We can almost All
      Expect the same or worse
      Maybe a shallow Grave
      On some Battlefield
      Were we Fought to save our Families
      Friends and Nation from the Godless
      Commies and Christ Hating Jews.
      And the SubHuman Black and Brown
      Hordes they spent Decades importing into