13 December, 2018


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by Dr. William Pierce.


“But we already know the answers to these questions in rough outline. We already know why we were — and are — soft and undisciplined and confused and unwilling to put up an effective, organized resistance to the Jews. We also know that it will take us generations to become strong and tough and disciplined again, as a people, and that we cannot even begin that task, except in small groups, until after we have dealt with the Jewish problem in other ways. We can, of course, go off in small groups and try to do our own thing even now. But in the long run we cannot escape from the fate of the rest of our people. If we succeed in establishing a healthy community anywhere on earth, the Jews will come after us the same way they went after the Serbs, using the portion of our people still under their control to do the dirty work. We are engaged in a race war to the death, to the last man and woman. The Jews understand that quite clearly. We’d better understand it too.

So for the time being an introverted solution to our problem isn’t feasible. We have to tackle instead the external aspects of our problem. We have to tackle directly the problem of the Jewish control of the minds of our people until we are strong enough to put a monkey wrench into the Jewish mechanism of control. Once we have wrecked their propaganda machinery, all sorts of new options open up for us. And so for now our problem is to become strong enough to wreck the Jewish mind control machinery.”


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  7. 2 Responses to “Avalanche”

    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      The good doctor’s articles are always interesting and inspiring, even after all these years since he wrote them. He tells the truth as it is, without any sugar-coating, that in itself can be uplifting for the reader, he treats the reader as a responsible adult who wants the facts and won’t flinch when he hears what the globalists and the jews have instore for our people.
      “We are engaged in a race war to the death”; very frightening but also coolly focusing.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      Breaking the Mind Control and Propaganda of the ZOG
      Is Paramount! !
      Can it be done with enough time to Free White Western Man?

      It starts with Reading that Great Book
      Mein Kampf!!

      The Chapter on Nation and Race First