15 December, 2018

Brown Muslims Love White Kids (Sexually Speaking)

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Islam suggests that sex with minors is perfectly normal: it says that the founder of Islam, Muhammad, had a 9-year-old wife named Aisha (but he proposed marriage to her when she was only 6). So, what do you think the sand-negroes do when they come to the White countries? Right. They behave towards young girls like lecherous fools. (By the way, Islam, like Christianity, has Jewish roots. World, isn’t it time to adopt a new religion that hasn’t been Jewed?).


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    1. The Red Skull Says:


      More ROPE!!!

      And PIG GREASE! !

      Lots and LOTS OF PIG GREASE! !

      And Lamp Posts!!

      Lots and lots of LAMP POSTS!!

      Nuff Said!!

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