13 December, 2018

Leftism: “Attacking People” Isn’t An Ideology; Leftists Have No Ideology

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Journalist: “I’m Bob Jones from KKST123 Radio, and I’m here at Big Huge Expensive Eastern College to interview two young political leaders. One of them represents the conservatives on campus, and the other one is the head of the liberal faction. First up is Matthew Smith, the leader of the conservatives. Matthew, would you please describe to me, briefly, what the beliefs and goals of your group are?”

Matthew: “Sure. Well, our main, multi-pronged goal is to try to keep traditional Western culture alive and functioning, so to speak. We try to preserve the basic parts of Western culture: the nuclear family, the educational system, and so on. We try to ensure that families remain intact, that schools teach what they should teach and not what they shouldn’t teach, and we try to ensure that the government doesn’t become too tyrannical and oppressive. We actively support the First and Second Amendments for that reason, and…”

Journalist: “Okay, thanks, Matthew. We’ll come back to you in a moment. And now, I will introduce Linda Silverberg-Weinberg-Bloomrosen. She is the leader of the liberals here on campus. Linda, can you describe, briefly, what the ideological platform of your group is?”

Linda: “We attack anything traditional or conservative!” [1] (giggle).

Journalist: “No, I mean, what is your basic ideological framework?”

Linda: “We go find something traditional and we tear it down and stomp on it!” (giggle).

Journalist: “Well, but, that’s not really an ideological platform, is it? What are the basic beliefs of your group?”

Linda: “I just told you! Weren’t you listening, you sexist, racist, homophobic, fascist, White male??”

Journalist: “Uhh, actually, I voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election.”

Linda: “You’re still a White, male oppressor! Why am I even talking to you???”

[1] “The Left’s identity is based off of hating Western Culture and anything associated with White European people.” — Dr. Kevin MacDonald

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  7. 2 Responses to “Leftism: “Attacking People” Isn’t An Ideology; Leftists Have No Ideology”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Tear Down Whiteys World
      Is what their all about.
      No mention or Credit for the fact
      Whitey Built Civilization.
      They plan on killing us and tearing our Monuments
      And History markers down
      Thats already started in the South
      And in South Africa.
      Genocide in FEMA Camps comes next.
      Arm and Prepare
      White Man!

      Only Bullets backed with Conviction
      Will stop these Communist Motherfuckers
      Who got You
      Your Religion
      Your Family
      And even your Pets
      Scheduled for Termination.
      Think about it.

    2. Chandala Says:

      Karl Marx dreamt about ruining the world created by God.
      His “useful idiots” follow in his footsteps.
      from “Invocation of One in Despair
      a poem by Chaim Hirschel Mordechai
      aka Karl Marx
      “Then I will be able to walk triumphantly,
      Like a god, through the ruins of their kingdom.
      Every word of mine is fire and action.
      My breast is equal to that of the Creator.”
      from the book
      Marx & Satan
      — Richard Wurmbrand (1986?)
      More from the same poem:
      So a god has snatched from me my all,
      In the curse and rack of destiny.
      All his worlds are gone beyond recall.
      Nothing but revenge is left to me.
      I shall build my throne high overhead,
      Cold, tremendous shall its summit be.
      For its bulwark – superstitious dread.
      For its marshal – blackest agony.
      Who looks on it with a healthy eye,
      Shall turn back, deathly pale and dumb,
      Clutched by blind and chill mortality,
      May his happiness prepare its tomb.
      “Invocation of One in Despair”:
      — Karl Marx