9 December, 2018

Liberalism: It’s All About Intolerance, Power and Control

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(Above: a California Proposition 65 warning sticker)

I bought a tool at a hardware store. On the package, there was a sticker, which read: “Warning: this product contains chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, etc.” Bullshit. It’s a solid-steel object. Unless you file or drill the object (which I, and most other people, won’t do), you can’t inhale or ingest the object.

The wackos in California who sponsored that law and created that sticker are the very same people who claim to be easy-going, “live and let live” people. They claim to be for freedom, free choice, peace, easy living, “keeping the government out of your bedroom,” etc. Sounds good, but no, liberals aren’t for freedom and free choice at all. Just the opposite! Liberals are control freaks — in this case, trying to control or at least influence which products you buy [1]. Those liberals are the same people who censor all of the social media. The same people who created unconstitutional speech codes on college campuses. The same people who want to ban guns, knives, slingshots and pea-shooters. Liberals are not tolerant people. Just the opposite. They are intolerant control freaks, power freaks, liars and bullies. They are arrogant children posing as adults, and these children, of course, don’t think logically. You can’t have freedom and liberals at the same time and in the same place. Their “god” is governmental power and control. That governmental power and control is their “answer” to all “problems” — real or imagined. Liberal politicians are Stalinists posing as normal people. (It must cost the state of California many, many millions of tax dollars per year to enforce Proposition 65. By the way, other states must comply with Prop. 65 in order to sell goods there).

[1] It might be asked by newbies: “Where did liberalism come from?” Some would say “from The Enlightenment.” Others would say “from The French Revolution.” Still others would say “from Karl Marx.” I say that liberalism, as we know it and understand it today, came from the yelling-and-screaming, 1960s “New Left” liberalism, which was almost entirely Jewish and which focused on feminism, homosexual rights, abortion rights, college campus activism, etc. The communist Jew, Herbert Marcuse, is the “father” of the New Left with his 1964 book “One-Dimensional Man”

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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      A Communist Jew
      Behind Something Dirty and Corrupt
      That Tears Down White Western Civilization?!?!
      You Guys are Conspiracy Nuts!
      Nobody’s THAT DIABOLICAL!

      Are They?

      Hopefully Readers here will sense the Sarcasm
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