27 December, 2018

Responding to Evil

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Most Americans want to feel that they’re living in a moral world, where goodness is rewarded and evil is punished, a world that makes sense and has a purpose. And they can’t find that feeling in themselves today. They don’t know why they can’t find it, but they sense that something is very badly wrong. If we could take one of these ordinary Americans and make him thoroughly understand that every year tens of thousands of pretty but naive young girls — pretty girls with dreams of a better life, young girls with dreams of finding a good husband and having children — are being rounded up in villages all across eastern Europe by Jewish gangsters, some by deception with false offers of employment abroad and some by simple kidnapping, and shipped off to be forced to work in brothels in Israel, Turkey, and Thailand, to be beaten and gang-raped and perhaps killed by their Jewish captors if they refuse, this average American would be horrified. He would be sickened and outraged.”


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  7. One Response to “Responding to Evil”

    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      The good doctor was a moral giant.
      It makes me sick to see the current crop of moral midgets running our churches, these pathetic preachers, pastors and bishops who know and can see what is happening to our people, and nominally THEIR people too, yet do absolutely nothing to help the survival of the White race or even oppose jew evil.
      They are scum, and one day will be indited for the crime as accessories in attempted genocide.