19 December, 2018

The Jewish Mob in America

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The pretext for giving special status to Jews, for using U.S. economic power to persuade the Soviet government to permit Jews to leave when no one else could leave, for allowing the Jews who left to come to the United States without the usual immigration background checks — even for having American taxpayers foot the bill for flying them over here and then pay for subsidized housing, food stamps, and other special benefits for them — all of this was based on the pretext that Jews were persecuted in the Soviet Union. The mass media over here portrayed the Jews in the Soviet Union as the principal victims of communism, rather than as its originators and its principal beneficiaries. That’s an especially egregious example of the Jews’ “big lie” technique, in which they brazenly stand the truth on its head, because with their monopoly control of the media there is no one to contradict them.”


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