10 December, 2018

The UN Migration Pact: It’s Good for Brown People, But Terrible for White People

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(Above: the architect of the UN, the Jew, Leo Pasvolsky, at center of photo, smoking a pipe)

The JewN strikes again! It’s making the world safe for Marxism: One world. One government. One people. One currency. No borders. And everyone is a Brown “robot” marching in lock-step to orders from a global parliament. It’s the communist Jew Max Horkheimer’s dream come true. (The UN is an illegal entity. Global government violates the natural sovereignty of nations [a “nation” means “people who are alike”]. But what about treaties and pacts, you might wonder? Aren’t they legal? Well, who signs treaties and pacts? Right. Government bureaucrats sign them. The people of the nation don’t sign them).

Yeah, sure, they say that this migration pact is “non-binding.” Oh, really? Then why, why, pray tell, create and sign the pact? Hmmmm? Because such pacts carry significant political weight and they also set a political precedent.

The best quote I’ve seen yet about immigration: “Countries which import the third world will become the third world.”

“Safe migration”? That’s Judeo-left propaganda. “Regular migration”? Who would want that?

“U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres said migration needed better management and rich countries would benefit. “In the many places where fertility is declining and life expectancy is rising, economies will stagnate and people will suffer without migration,” he said in his opening address.”

That’s pure leftist bullshit. “Migration” never benefits Whites. It only benefits Browns. That’s the whole idea behind the New World Order: to destroy the Western world so that “Nazism” can never return and threaten God’s Pests/the self-chosen people.


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  7. 4 Responses to “The UN Migration Pact: It’s Good for Brown People, But Terrible for White People”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Another Dirty Globalist Communist Fucking Jew?!
      Behind something dirty rotten dirty as great grandma
      Minnie would say.
      This is getting to be

      Are the Conspiracy Nuts Right?

    2. BroncoColorado Says:

      ….furthermore, the jewnited Nations must be destroyed.

    3. sceptic Says:

      so why does the UN routinely sanction israel more than any other country, if its so jewish?

    4. Socrates Says:

      sceptic Says: so why does the UN routinely sanction israel more than any other country, if its so jewish?

      Good question. The UN was founded by Jews in 1945, but is not controlled by Jews today.

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