20 December, 2018

When Your Economy Is Tied to a Giant Shell Game, or, Living and Dying by the Market

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Powerful Jew #1: “Saaaay, I’ve got a great idea: let’s tie the whole U.S. economy to the stock market! Everything could hinge on ‘the market.’ Old people could even put their retirement money into ‘the market!'”

Powerful Jew #2: “That sounds perfect! It’s always safe to pin your hopes to a giant gambling operation! And if it doesn’t work, we can just flee to Israel! After all, we’ve got dual citizenship!”


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  7. 2 Responses to “When Your Economy Is Tied to a Giant Shell Game, or, Living and Dying by the Market”

    1. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      During the depression city and state were coveted and bribes were given to get family members hired. Today its a wink till later.

      Always complaining as the private wage workers are pulverized, the goobermint workers Whine.

      The gooberment does give great goodies for refugee’s that allot European lower class one pay check to the street would be happy to get etc.

      Spain was looted as many other Nations were and as we are since 1913.


    2. fd Says:

      The capital of international Jewry is on the Potomac. Please pass the champagne and caviar.

      The depression was a criminal event caused by the money powers. Does anyone believe the earth was suddenly destitute of resources?

      When you count all the Jews and mixed Jews in this country, the number is a minimum of 20 million or more.

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