17 December, 2018

White Thought: What’s Coming for America

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“One of the signs of a great society is the diligence with which it passes culture from one generation to the next. This culture is the embodiment of everything the people of that society hold dear. When one generation no longer esteems its own heritage and fails to pass the torch to its children, it is saying in essence that the very foundational principles and experiences that make the society what it is are no longer valid. What is required when this happens and the society has lost its way is for leaders to arise who have not forgotten the discarded legacy and who love it with all their hearts.” -– Winston Churchill.

I’m not a fan of Churchill, but that quote is correct. Being a young person in America today must really suck: you’re constantly told that your country’s history is full of evil and that your forebears were horrible “racists” and that you should be ashamed of your history and so on and so forth. It must be like growing up in a mental gulag, and as a logical result, young people will not grow up mentally healthy. Look for the next two or three generations of Americans to be serial killers, deviates, criminals and just plain rotten people with lots of mental issues. (Thanks, Jews and liberals in the media and Hollywood. Thanks, public schools and teacher’s unions. Thanks, “conservatives” who did nothing about Cultural Marxism when they had a chance to do something).

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  7. 2 Responses to “White Thought: What’s Coming for America”

    1. fd Says:

      Federal tyranny paved the way for the ruination of White society.

    2. Luke Says:

      Epidemic levels of White racial apathy also played a key role.